MT Member and Reflector Moderator Brian (G8ADD) recently suggested that DXCC SOTA would be a possibility - I’m pretty sure this hasn’t yet been achieved.

I started Chasing seriously in 2005 (Even though I did work Ric G3CWI/P the first ever activator on SOTA Day 1 on Long Mynd G/WB-005 on 02/03/2002). I keep mentioning this QSO every chance I can as I am extremely proud of it! From little oak trees grow big Oak Trees and this Oak Tree is called SOTA…

So far I have worked only 55 DXCC Current Countries based on the Current ARRL 340 Country DXCC current list!

1-20: 4O-5B-9A-9H-CT-CT3-CU-DL-E7-EA-EA6-EA8-EI-ES-F-FG-G-GD-GI-GJ

Rare EU / Near EU RARER SOTA Countries: 4X-EA9-ES(1 QSO)-JX-ZB2
DXCC outside EU I feel I should have Chased but haven’t: JA & ZL

So if you are interested and can be bothered during lockdown calculating your score lets see your DXCC Score if you feel like telling us!

I’ll wager no one has worked 100 DXCC SOTA Countries (NOT Associations) and won’t for many a year!

73 de Phil G4OBK

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PS Curious to know why SOTA did not start officially on March 1st 2002, rather than March 2nd 2002. I reckon G3CWI, G3WGV or even M0HGY is likely to know…

Possibly because it was a Saturday, so it could go off with a bang, with several activations?


Why not ask Manuel@HB9DQM if he could implement such a statistic feature in

73 gl, Heinz

Hi Phil
did you count this countries also ?
If yes I’ll give my results in my next post :wink:
73 Éric

Good idea Heinz, reluctance to ask Manuel directly as it may pile non-essential work on a fine business brilliant fellow, however if he sees the thread he could consider it casually “on the side” as a possibility.

Eric JKK - this scoring is for DXCC only so F & FL and DL & DM etc etc count as 1 DXCC each.

73 Phil G4OBK

I ran a query last year sometime for some reason, and there’s at least two or three that have >100 DXCC for all DXCCs, not just SOTA DXCCs.

SOTA DXCC most likely isn’t possible as there are so many Wx assocations, VKx, EAx, etc. that in total there aren’t 100 Associations with DXCC. (I think we worked it out to about 90 recently arguing wording on the front page of :smiley: )

I have 89 Mountain Hunter Associations worked myself according to the SOTA database - anyone topping 100 I wonder? Get counting BIG GUNS!

73 Phil

I realise this thread is referring to Chasers working SOTA activators in 100 different DXCC entities but another equally interesting approach would be the reverse (although probably not meeting the ARRL DXCC rules because of move of station location) - How many activators have been called by over 100 DXCC entities while activating across all of their summits?

Not that such a total can be increased during lock-down but I suspect if each activator checked his (or her) own logs, across all activations performed, I’m guessing some will have already been called by 100 different DXCC countries.

73 Ed.


Started the SOTA program the 16 September 2010 and after a black hole between the 14 June 2011 and the 1st September 2016 I reach now :

*1-20: 4O 5B 9A 9H CT CT3 CU DL E7 EA EA6 EA8 EI ES F FG G GD GI GJ

That is 52 DXCC :yum:

I have to say 1/4 of the score was by F5JKK/QRP and for all only wire antennas and never used an amplifier (I don’t have one).

75 Mountain Hunter Associations worked . little :gun:

Ed @DD5LP you can open a new thread ACTIVATOR DXCC SCORERS :upside_down_face: :wink:

73 Éric F5JKK

Very good idea Ed. I’ll see if I can find an easy way from my Wholelog computerised log book to check my 1075 activations! All the 20 odd DXCC logbooks I have are seperated with individual certificates in LoTW so that may be the best way to determine my activator DXCC score.

I would imagine those who sit on summits for hours (such as 2E0YYY and M1EYP to group them together hihi!) would have a much bigger score than me. I often operate accompanied, a fair amount in the UK on 2m FM and for the sake of my health do not relish the cold so I only stay as long as necessary.

73 Phil

54 DXCC chased here:
|1|5B - Cyprus|
|2|9A - Croatia|
|3|9H - Malta|
|4|CT - Portugal|
|5|CT3 - Madeira|
|6|CU - Azores|
|7|DL - Germany|
|8|E7 - Bosnia and Herzegovina|
|9|EA - Spain|
|10|EA6 - Balearic Islands|
|11|EA8 - Canary Islands|
|12|EA9 - Ceuta|
|13|EI - Ireland|
|14|F - France|
|15|G - England|
|16|GD - Isle Of Man|
|17|GI - Northern Ireland|
|18|GJ - Bailiwick of Jersey|
|19|GM - Scotland|
|20|GU - Bailiwick of Guernsey|
|21|GW - Wales|
|22|HA - Hungary|
|23|HB - Switzerland|
|24|HB0 - Liechtenstein|
|25|I - Italy|
|26|IS0 - Sardinia|
|27|KP4 - USA - Puerto Rico|
|28|LA - Norway|
|29|LX - Luxembourg|
|30|LZ - Bulgaria|
|31|OE - Austria|
|32|OH - Finland|
|33|OK - Czechia|
|34|OM - Slovakia|
|35|ON - Belgium|
|36|OY - Faroes|
|37|OZ - Denmark|
|38|PA - Netherlands|
|39|R9U - Russia - Urals|
|40|S5 - Slovenia|
|41|S7 - Seychelles|
|42|SM - Sweden|
|43|SP - Poland|
|44|SV - Greece|
|45|TF - Iceland|
|46|TK - Corsica|
|47|UT - Ukraine|
|48|VE - Canada|
|49|VK - Australia|
|50|VK9L - Lord Howe Is.|
|51|W - USA|
|52|YO - Romania|
|53|YU - Serbia|
|54|Z3 - North Macedonia|


VK9L :call_me_hand: :+1:

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Always pleased to get you in my logs Éric. I’ll tell you why you have a good score Éric, you listen to what if happening and so are more able to get a successful QSO whether QRP or not. All the top chasers listen, listen again and listen again before transmitting. They make their chasing easy by not adding to the QRM :slight_smile:

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As regards an activator-side version of this, I’m thinking one could download all your own SOTA activation records as a CSV file and the get busy with some Excel scripts to do the filtering out and analysys. I haven’t taken a detailed look at that yet and it would depend if it’s easy to download the DXCC list and then to relate callsign prefixes to the DXCC groups. Perhaps this would be able to be copy & pasted into a second spreadsheet page - DXCC Entity List
Where your SOTA summit is would not be relevant to the way I’m thinking about this - but as I said originally - this would not be acceptable as a “true” DXCC as your location (as in summit) changes.

I’m think more of a fun PERSONAL challenge.

No organisation needed - just something to evaluate while looking for something to do with any spare time. Hmm, Spare time what’s that? I’m retired I don’t have spare time!

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,
In preparation for when you create the thread for ACTIVATOR DXCC SCORERS, I have already done my counting.
In my case it was easy, as all my activator QSOs are logged in my main Logger32 program with the callsing EA2IF/P. All I had to do is asking my Logger32 program to tell me the DXCC count for EA2IF/P, after making sure that those QSOs I made as EA2IF/P before my participation in the SOTA program started, are not taken into account.
This is the result: 64 DXCC worked so far.

This is just worked DXCC entities, as I don’t care about confirmations. The one shown as confirmed is due to something I might have unwillingly done in the past. Don’t pay attention to it.

P.D. I’ve realised that this counting is not for all my activating QSOs, as I also have activated as F/EA2IF/P and CT7/EA2IF/P. However, I’m almost sure that no more DXCC entites were worked with those F/ and CT7/.

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I had some spare time today, so here is my score, 54 DXCC including S2S chases:


Started collecting SOTA DXCC (!) in mid 2012 with KX3 @ 5W and a mobile whip antenna at home and on summits. Today I am using KX3@15W and sky loop antenna at home and wire antennas on summits.

73 and stay safe

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The idea is there for anyone to take-up … or not - as they like. I don’t think we need an extra thread to discuss it further.

73 Ed.

Hi Phil. Lately to be able to work Europe, I’m doing activations (when I can) at evening about 17:00 JA time (0800 UTC) and because of this I was chased by OK, ON, OH, F, EA, SM, DL, RA…
I’m not the only one from JA-land, also other guys are doing evening activations.
73, JP3PPL

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This is my humble list since I started SOTA (06 Jan 2017) as activator:
9M6, 9V, AA, BA, BU, DL, E7, EA, F, HL, JA, KL, OH, OK, ON, SA, UA(EU), UA(AS), VK and ZL