Changing Callsign / Username on the database


It’s quite common for people to change callsigns. This can be because they have upgraded their type of licence, or they have moved QTH or they have been able to take up a vanity callsign or whatever. We are aware of this and so changing callsigns is handled by the database.

When you enter an activation log you specify the callsign you used and this is normally the same as your own callsign. Some people have some cool SOTA club calls (NS0TA for example) and they can enter that callsign in the logs and they submit the logs against their own account. Likewise entering a chaser QSO is similair in you can specify the callsign you used.

In addition to this, your database account has an associated callsign. This is the callsign that is shown in the honour rolls. So my account has the call MM0FMF/P associated and that is what appears in the honour roll even though I have used GS3PYU/P, M0FMF/P, MW0FMF/P, GX3PYU/P, F/MM0FMF/P, HB9/MM0FMF/P and CT9/MM0FMF/P for activations and chases.

If you change your callsign all you have to do is log in and select “Logon/Logoff>Change User Details” and change the callsign on that page. The database will then log you out. When you look at the honour rolls your new callsign will be displayed where your old callsign was. All your logs will still be valid.


There is no need for this when the feature to support changing callsigns exists.

What you cannot do is change your username. Usernames are used to identify an account by a human. The database uses other methods. Once you have typed your username and the matching account has been located, the username is not used again. I realise that many people use their callsign as username and when they change callsign they want their username to match. Well I’d like a Maserati MC Stradale but I’m not getting one and they’re not getting a username that matches their callsign. We’re both going to have to want.

:angry: What I find damn annoying is when the “usernames don’t change” is explained to people they have gone on and created a new account and spent time shuffling data about despite being told not to do this just so their username is the same as their callsign. That is the equivalent of sticking up two fingers at the man who runs the database. It’s not a wise thing to do.

Well it stops now. Someone else has just done this and dropped me a mail “Oh I’ve fannied about moving logs here there and everywhere so I don’t need this old account as I have a new one” and that’s the last time. It creates work for me in that I have to check everything is still OK and then clean up. I am so tempted to lock out the callsigns of everyone who does this in the future. Not so they cannot log in to the database, but invalidate the callsign so it cannot be entered in an activation or chaser log. I’m fairly sure that may get their attention when nobody can use the callsign.

Does this mean you cannot have more than 1 account? No, I know some people have 2 callsigns and use 1 for VHF and 1 for HF. Having 2 accounts for that is fine by me. I know of a G4 who will be spending 3months/year in 8P9-land and if he wants a separate account for his 8P9 activities then that is find. So multiple accounts are not an issue. Just moving data about to satisfy some vanity issue.

Rant over.


Thank you for that info.
Will come in useful when finally get M3FEH/P.


Andy’s having a bad day today, Gentlemen and LADIES. :wink:

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Our SOTA ladies are so smart they wouldn’t even consider doing anything like this.


:slight_smile: Classic !


When I mouse over an ALERT or a SPOT, in addition to the summit name and its point total, I also pay attention to the operator name. A seemingly growing number of operator callsigns return “not registered” instead of an operator name. Probably only a minor annoyance to most, I see it as well short of ideal, and wondered about the mechanics behind it. Is this something that could be an easy fix if the affected party only knew how?

While I am contemplating this issue, I see a brand new test spot show up. MM0FMF is spotting F/GS3PYU, and the operator is “not registered”. Well, that provides some valuable new insight. Even the database manager can’t avoid the not registered tag.

There seem to be numerous possibilities behind these “not registered” issues. A simple permanent call sign change, a club type callsign use, or an operator with multiple available valid callsigns.

I the first case, the practice you have announced in this thread as taboo would have fixed this issue. OK, but Don’t Do It !!!

But is there no interest in a database tool to associate an operator name (or club name) with an unregistered but often used callsign? Or at least to fix case #1, the permanent callsign change forever showing as “not registered”…

Glenn AB3TQ (who is never changing this callsign)

When you register for SOTAwatch so you can spot/alert etc. you can give a name along with your call and location. When someone is spotted or alerts, the call is searched out in the SOTAwatch users database and if found, the name matching the call is displayed in the mouseover box. If the call is not registered, no name is displayed.

The SOTAwatch users list is not the database users list. You can have a DB account and no SOTAwatch account or vice versa. Neither are compulsory. Some people will register for the DB for their logs etc. but don’t use SOTAwatch so will not register. We are (slowly) working to a unified log on process so that once logged in on SOTAwatch you are logged in elsewhere. But that’s not available yet, it’s an aspiration we have that we know many users would like us to offer.

The specific case for GS3PYU is it’s a club call. So it cannot have a DB account and none of it’s members have registered it so it can spot. They just use their own accounts to spot/alert and log SOTA activations using the club call.

Anyone who is so vain they need they SOTA accout to match they Call ought to lose their points for data tampering…just saying, but won’t that invalidated the old scores that relied on verification and supporting evidence, or is that completely released and we are on honor system?
I alwys wondered WY Call sign you used" until I read this and realized "license change."
Smart, very smart!

We’ve always been on the honour system. The “confirmations” that used to appear were never used for verification or awards. The reason they were removed was because people kept changing their logs to get confirmation stars despite regular reminders that they were unimportant for the purposes of awards.