Change of callsign (on Reflector)

My vanity call application for K3ISI was just approved:

Is it possible to change my username on the SOTA Reflector?

I’m not sure if you can change it. The powers that be have the ability to set a grace period after you create your account as far as I know. How long they set that period is down to them. As a user I don’t think you can change your username but not sure if one of the admin can change it for you.

You could create a new account and get the old one deleted, is another option.

Hope this helps a bit until someone else comes along that will know for sure.

73 Neil

Amy, it is possible but from memory it has a few issues with any previous messages you have sent/posted. As you only have posted a small number the consequences are not going to be massive. I’ll PM you about this.

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Andy (MM0FMF) changed my callsign a year ago and there were no major problems. Hopefully he can do the same for you.

73 Glyn

OK, it’s done you are now K3ISI and a reset email has been sent,

At this point you probably can’t log in and the email will disappear. Which is precisely what I’m about to do as I am packing for the trip to Friedrichshafen…

I’ll leave my MT colleagues to pick up the pieces whilst I sit in the sun in far away lands :wink:

Or maybe it will all work.


Working beautifully. Thanks so much!

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I recently received a new vanity callsign as well: W6SAE. Can I get it changed on the reflector?

I’m sorry to revive an old thread, but this seems like best place to do it. If I came to the wrong place, please redirect me. Thanks!:slight_smile:

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That’s done. You should now log in as W6SAE.

Thanks for the quick response!

Hi Andy, now passed my advanced and want to change mine to MM0SKJ can you help please also for the text spotting system you kindly added me to…

73 Steve MM0SKJ (Ex 2M0SKJ)

You’re now MM0SKJ. You probably should log and log in again.

Oh, well done on the upgrade :slight_smile:

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Thanks and 73 Andy!

hi Andy, I wonder if you could change mine as well please. I have recently progressed to a full callsign, MW0LGE.

Many thanks.



You are now MW0LGE. If logged in you should log out and then log in as MW0LGW

many thanks Jim :slight_smile:

Many congrats Richie. You have been studying the books while I have been sauntering up the hills as usual with my M6 call sign (and getting a few replies!) Seems a long time since our winter s2s, I hope we chat again before too long (possibly in the winter bonus season??)

73 Viki M6BWA

cheers Viki. Yes, I decided I wanted to get it out of the way, so booked myself on the Bath distance learning course, with some help from GW3NWS (Ross). I have only managed two activations since our s2s, but very enjoyable none the less :slight_smile: My first HF was yesterday (sunday). Anyway, hope you are well and look forward to the next qso on the air :slight_smile:

atb Richie. MW0LGE

Hi I would be grateful if you would change my callsign to M0NDT. I also have been on the Bath Distance Course. I hope (fingers crossed) that this will preserve my bookmarks.

Dave M0NDT

You are now M0NDT. If logged in you should log out and then log in as M0DNT. The only things that are not revised to your new call sign are references to your previous call sign that have been set or embedded as text - mainly references to your old call sign by others or where you have used your previous call sign as part of the text when signing off a post.

Thanks, that was painless!