Change of callsign (on Reflector)


Could you change my log-in please?

From M6KOP to 2E0PGO. I’m now an intermediate.

Many thanks,

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2E0PGO or 2E0GPO

Changed to 2E0GPO based on your QRZ update. If that anagram of G P and O is wrong then both need to be changed.

Hey there, I recently became KE6MT (formerly K7RJV). Is it possible to get my username changed? Thanks!


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Done, you are now KE6MT.


Changed my call sign to K7FOP. Can I have it changed on the SOTA reflector? Doesn’t look like I could do it on my own. Found this older thread.

Done. You probably will need to log out and in again.

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Just a quick reminder. If you change your call sign as seems to happen mostly in the US and the UK, please do not delete your existing account and create a new one. Simply post a request here. If you delete your existing account your existing posts will be lost.


Would it be possible to change my callsign from M6IME to 2E0IME. I am hopefully going for my full license soon so might need it changing again in the near future.

Thanks, Andrew, 2E0IME

Done as requested

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I was recently granted a vanity callsign, from K6ABA to K6TNT, I respectfully request to change my Reflector Username Profile to K6TNT.

Well, you should see that you are now K6TNT.
73 Jim G0CQK

awesome sauce, THX