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Car activation


A logo is not the rules and on the basis of that, any activation where you aren’t climbing a 60 degree gradient would be invalid.

No one is denying you your right to hike however far, but don’t look down or suggest that others that activate within the rules but not to your standards are doing it wrong.


It’s Ian and I who live near Londonderry with 5 GI/SM summits very close but we won’t be doing any activations due to the travel restrictions. Also if many of the respondents on this thread get their way regarding the rules I won’t be able to any summits in the future! I’m not ancient and I certainly don’t want to just chase!!


As you will attest Esther, we don’t realise what our personal mobility really is and means to us until that mobility is restricted.


There are no plans to change the rules. The MT will always listen to suggestions but have no obligation to adopt them (see GR and suggestions that would make a fundamental change to SOTA are unlikely to be accepted.