As you may appreciate there are a number of SOTA activators who are getting some serious cabin fever.

Therefore we have decided to hold a Back Yards on the Air (BYOTA) event on Saturday 18 April from 0000 to 0200 GMT (although you can operate whenever you like).

The only stipulation is you have to run portable (i.e. no mains power) in your back yard and set up everything (including antenna) that morning. It’s not a contest so the qsos can be as long or as short as you like.

You can also use any mode you like and don’t be afraid to spot yourself and anyone you hear on the cluster.

This is a good chance to test some new gear or a new antenna to try out.

Hoping to hear you on the air.


Mark ZL3AB

Repost by Warren ZL2AJ

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I believe from the OZSOTA list and elsewhere that a second BYOTA is planned for this coming Saturday (ANZAC Day). From what I have seen there was a lot of fun for those in VK & ZL who took part last time, so I wish all well for the upcoming event.

Unfortunately the times and current propagation woont let me join you.

73 Ed DD5LP.

Yes BYOTA is planned again for this Saturday (Anzac day) 0100 - 0300. ZL is due to come out of lockdown on Tuesday with restrictions but we are hoping for some real SOTA to kick off later in May. Likely with a hiss and a roar!

Hi Ed,
You could run an EU event, 2 hours duration but starting at say 10 am your time. Backyards includes gardens and balconies.


From Mark on the OZSOTA newsdlist:

BYOTA is back for one last event in ZL as we hopefully move out of lock down next week (fingers crossed).

When: Saturday 9 May 0000z-0200z
Where: Your backyard (obviously)
Bands: 80m through 10m CW & SSB - or anything else you want to try

With two massively successful events so far (well I didn’t get any hate mail), BYOTA ZL style is back for what will hopefully be its swansong. This is your final chance to prove you have got what it takes to operate portable in your back yard while contacting you fellow amateurs around the country and in VK.

The rules, such as they are, are the same as last time. Set up everything you are going to use in the morning and make as many contacts as you like. This is not a contest, so QSOs can be as long or as short as you like and likewise there are no logs to enter.

If you can’t operate portable then feel free to take part anyway, the more activity the better. Who knows, you may make the day of someone running half a watt from a home brew rig to a wire coat hanger (pictures please if you are doing that).

Mark ZL3AB