Bruno, HB9CBR, 3x Mountain Goat

Dear all

3007 could be anything, e.g. the postal code of a neighborhood in our capital Berne. But as per today, this is the SOTA score of Bruno, HB9CBR. Congrats Bruno on achieving your 3rd mountain goat now and #10 of the HB9 SOTA rank – and #9 doesn’t seem far. Bruno got the last point on a summit called “Höchst” (see HB/SG-025 on SOTLAS) what means highest/topmost what is certainly adequate for an MG activation.

SOTA stats reveal that Bruno is doing more SOTA activations since his retirement:


Bruno was a professional CW operator, so it’s no surprise to see that his activations are CW only. But it was rumored that Bruno once had surprised someone with his voice . . . and yes, funny enough, SOTLAS reveals 2 SSB QSOs and 1 FM QSO:


His KX2 has a built-in microphone so I can still hope for his 3rd SSB QSO. Or I will surprise him with a CW call after my own retirement when I’m supposed to have enough time for a CW brush up (last CW QSO 34 years ago here, hi).

There is something else very special to be honored: Bruno does most of his activations by means of public transportation. This may be easier here in HB9 since we have a good and dense transport system. But it’s difficult enough to plan your day this way if you want to do a big tour to the end of nowhere. So other fellows offer him a ride from time to time to catch some further uniques!

Bruno is the secretary and doing all the paperwork for our local association club HB9SOTA. Thanks, Bruno, for all that great stuff you’re providing at home and on the air, and continue to enjoy your SOTA journey together with us!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Congratulation, Bruno, and thanks for a lot of S2S with you!
73’s de Fabio, IK2LEY

Congrats, Bruno! Excellent achievement! Thanks for being so active, as well as for nice operation! cul
Thanks Markus, for nice presentation of Bruno’s great milestone!
73 de Rumen/ LZ2AF

Congratulations on ALL your achievements described. That looks like a life very much dedicated to SOTA!

73, Sylvia

Bravo Bruno !
See you next on s2s .
73 QRO

I just congratulated Bruno on the air a few minutes ago after I chased him for the 77th time on 40m (CW of course).
With 77 chases up to now, Bruno HB9CBR is my 4th most chased activator together with Iñaki EB2GKK. Thank you very much Bruno for so many pleasant SOTA QSOs and very effusive congratulations for your 3xMG, which is a really impressive achievement.


Congratulations Bruno on your achievement, here’s to many more CW contacts with you in the future.
Best 73 John M6BLV

Congrats Bruno for your SOTA activations! If any day passes without activation, I feel astonished.I hope for much more QSOs in the future.

73, SV2OXS Christos.

Congrats Bruno !
I find 7 S2S contacts with Bruno in my log, and chased him on 44 of his activations, only 2 less than Juerg, HB9BIN, who is my top chased activator …
Cu soon on another summit Bruno !
73 - Luc, ON7DQ

Herzliche Gratulation Bruno zur 3.Berggeiss :+1:
Wir haben auf Deiner Statistik gesehen, dass Du in Deinem ganzen bisherigen SOTA-Leben gerade 2 SSB-QSO’s gemacht hast, und Carine und ich waren die beiden Glücklichen - im vergangenen Jahr in einem S2S: Du warst mit Jürg auf einem VD-Summit, und wir waren auf dem Lasenberg - welch eine Ehre für uns :grin::grin:

…und irgendwann kommen wir dann in CW zurück :+1:

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG + 73/88 de Carine, HB9FZC

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Hallo Bruno,

Gratulation zu Deinem schönen Erfolg !
Vielen Dank auch für die zahlreichen, stets angenehmen QSOs mit Dir.
Alles Gute für die Zukunft,

beste 73
OE7PHI Hansjörg (alias John)

Congratulations Bruno a great achievement

Congratulations, Bruno!

Hi Bruno,
I offer you my Congratulations es tnx fer ur qso’s Bruno. I am most definitely not a professional CW man, but you are often in my log. Until achieving my MG I operated SSB, FM and CW, now I have set my sights on achieving 1000 points on CW. So about 280 points to go.

Excellent work Bruno
David G0EVV

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Thanks for disclosing this, René . . . feeling slight envy, hi, but I’ll certainly meet Bruno here or there in person to hear his voice, like SSB or even FM.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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Congrats again Bruno on your achievement!

I appreciate that as a tireless and enthusiastic field tester of antenna solutions you have always provided me with valuable feedback - often together with a particularly beautiful wild animal photo.

Thank you Bruno and keep up the good work!

73 gl, Heinz

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Many congratulations dear Bruno!
It was great fun to meet you at the Hamfest in Zug.
GL on the next steps and most of all enjoy the wonderful nature
and great views from all the summits.

Vy73 de Fritz HB90CSA (DL4FDM)

Congratulations Bruno!! Thank you for all the Dx chaser points and new associations. UR 20X in my log! Always great to work you.
Gary K3TCU

3000 Activation points is Awesome, and especially well done as a CW OP. Congratulations!

72, Woody/K1LB

Bravo Bruno !
et un grand merci pour toutes ces activations.
Sincèrement , je te souhaite “bon vent” même s’il s’agit de montagne et pas d’océan !
Au plaisir d’un très prochain SOTA !
Cordialement, Jean Claude F6GLZ