Additional Mountain Goats for HB9TNF and HB9CBR

Dear all

Two top scorers of the HB9 chapter have moved on and have now each a 4th SOTA Mountain Goat in their herds:

Guido is an important person for SOTA here in Switzerland, since he is a board member of our local organization HB9SOTA and manages the list of 1,331 HB9 mountains, what is simply the base for our hobby and any highlights.

Bruno has been introduced already earlier, we know him for doing must summits by means of public transportation, see here: Bruno, HB9CBR, 3x Mountain Goat.

Regarding Bruno’s MG activation I could rely on my co-worker René, visiting Rigi-Kulm on the same day with his wife, and his top-rated intelligence service. René reported that a person with an antenna was on the summit, and I gave him instructions on what to do. So there is a picture available of this milestone. The person on the right side is HB9DOK.

So, to Guido and Bruno: hoping here that you both are looking forward to your next SOTA adventures. Congratulations on your success . . . and enjoy!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Tolle Leistung!

Ich freue mich auf viele weitere QSOs und S2S mit Euch

73 Armin

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Guido I do not know. Bruno, well I had a considerable number of SOTA qsos with him.
Congratulations to both of them.
I still owe Bruno, he helped me a lot at the time when I made my first steps as a chaser. Thanks to his help I found that SOTA is super nice and interesting.

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Congratulations to both of you for this achievement.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Congratulations to Guido and Bruno for your quadruple Mountain Goat!

73 Stephan

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Hoi Guido und Bruno

Auch von uns beiden ganz herzliche Gratulation zur weiteren Berggeiss in eurer Herde :clap: :clap:
Wir kennen euch beide und wissen wieviel Engagement in euren Aktivierungen steckt - bei Dir Guido gibt’s ja keinen Gipfel unter der 10-Punkte-Marke - da schaffen Carine und ich noch dran :wink: :wink: - und bei Dir Bruno holen wir uns auch immer wieder gerne Ideen für nächste Uniques - ich glaube, das ist umgekehrt manchmal auch der Fall :blush: :blush:

Euch beiden weiterhin viel Freude und grossartige Erlebnisse auf euren SOTA-Touren - bei Dir Guido freuen wir uns aufs nächste S2S, und bei Dir Bruno auf unser erstes S2S - unsere CW-Skills haben ja bisher zumindest gereicht mal ein holpriges CW-QSO als Chaser mit Dir hinzukriegen - vielleicht klappt’s dann irgendwann auch mal mit einem S2S :grin: :grin:

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG + 73/88 de Carine, HB9FZC

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Congratulations to both Guido and Bruno on their respective quadruple MG’s. Guido’s average of 10.48 points per activation and Bruno’s care for environment are really commendable accomplishments.

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Congrats, Guido and Bruno!
73 Fabio

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