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Brazilian Associations

Hi guys. I was very busy with some professional projects and of course helping ham pals creating some new associations here in Brazil. Being far from computers was a very exciting experience. The better way to do this is going out for many activations… :smiley: (I will tell about mine during this time in other posts). Achieved this avoiding social medias & co (no facebook login since April!) and using the computer almost only for emails and mapping summits through Andy’s app. :wink:

Here in Brazil we grew from one to 7 associations in less than 18 months. And there are more 2 or 3 which are in a very advanced stage to go online!

I have to thank all new Brazilian regional managers and specially @G4TJC for his advices, instructions and patience.

Slowly we are being known by others amateurs over here and with the plans of activating more and more using the low bands and not only in VHF we will reach more enthusiasts. And hopefully make some international QSOs.



Welcome to SOTA!
I look forward to an improvement of conditions which will allow contacts (and hopefully S2S contacts) between Europe and Brazil!

73, Sylvia

That is good news. And here’s me thinking all the hills would be jungle ones :wink: But I know there are some big difficult ones like Roraima (or similiar spelling - flat topped mountains).

Ja, das wäre wunderbar! Hoffentlich geht der Sonnenzyklus nun Berg auf! :sweat_smile:
Ein S2S zwischen Großglockner und Pico das Agulhas Negras wär’s nicht schlecht! :wink:

Unfortunatelly Roraima is not a SOTA Association yet. :-
But take a look at PY1/RJ-005.

Amazing, isn’t it?