Bothy Bag

Just ordered one of these for a quickie windbreak/shelter when doing portable ops.

Will see how I like it. Limited sources in the US, but those looking to add this gear here can get for $34 ppd at link below. Just sign up for their email blasts and you’ll get a 15% off code in about 15 minutes Great deal:

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Ha! Didn’t notice before, but this is one of the reviews on the Austin Kayak page for the Bothy 2 –

By: G. A. Date: Dec 26, 2013
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Quick Delivery, and as advertised. I’ll take the Bothy 2 while daytime hiking in local hills & mountains to operate a portable ham radio station - a program called Summits on the Air (SOTA for short). Even on a good day, changeable weather can mean a cancellation or a couple miserable hours of radio operation at best, so a shelter can make all the difference. A small tent would be impractical for this purpose - just too heavy & bulky. In contrast, the Bothy Bag 2 is light, and smaller than a football once shoved back into its own air vent (which cleverly becomes a stuff sack). It can then be compressed even smaller to fit into the pack, or just tie it on the outside. I quickly learned that the “two-man” description actually means two very close friends, but it is certainly large enough for two in an emergency. For the SOTA hiker, there is plenty of room for one man to sit inside (with legs either crossed or extended), set a pack upright at the other end, and still have enough space in-between to operate a small radio transceiver.

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I have one of these Terra Nova 2 man bothy bags, and I’d agree with that review. Very easy to deploy and pack away, even in wind.



These bothy bags are brill, we have one that is also a two person, plus mountain dog shelter. They are very, very quick to deploy, extremely warm, with all bodies on board and provide a remarkable degree of shelter in rain and wind. The only downside is the noise from the wind on the fabric, its best to weight down as much fabric as possible so it doesn’t flap about when operating, easier said than done! Another tip we quickly learnt was to put the bag and its stuff sack into a wet/dry bag after use. This prevents the wet bothy bag transferring damp to any other items inside the ruck sack. :slight_smile: Ian & Esther GI0AZB/A


Vital piece of safety gear for the UK hills at any time of year, but especially in the damp and colder months.

As a byproduct it makes a great place to hide from the weather on a cold and windy day when activating.


I bought a bothy bag from Summit Bothy Bags | Summit Bothy Bags
I haven’t used it much yet due to buying it in spring this year. But think I may need it this Saturday along with a down coat maybe too.
It’s cheap and a UK company made in UK I think too.


Agree 100% Gerald. Mine is in the backpack on every outing. I have never used mine for operating in, but I have it packed ready in case of an injury or weather conditions that might stop me getting back to the car. I use a tarp for shelter on the hills.

73, Gerald G4OIG