Book by Matt, M0MZB

Hi folks, here is my recommendation for Matt´s book “Adventures in Radio” which has been published in Feb 2024. I have ordered it at amazon immediately after our last QSO. It was valuable in terms of “what worked well, what didn´t” and fun to read… Here is the ISBN numer 979-8869873682… @M0MZB great job, good writing …thanks for sharing your insights and expertise!


Just ordered the paperback version, arriving Monday 18th March. Thanks for the heads up.

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Neil, glad I could help :grinning:

The Kindle version looks attractive although the table of contents isn’t working. This could be corrected. I’ve published a couple of Kindle books and getting the formatting correct is quite difficult.

I like the way the image captions have been made part of the image. I’ve only seen this done once before but it was done badly and the text was blurred but in Matt’s book they are very clear. I just had the captions as a line of text but this risks them appearing on the next page as you can’t tie them to the image.

I chose black and white images in my paper books to keep the cost down - colour printing is very expensive but Matt’s book suits colour.


Two of my SOTA friends are published authors. I’m extremely impressed by this.

I feel I must up my game and produce a SOTA film of some worth. Something along the lines of Free Solo or Touching the Void ought to do it.


I shan’t make comments about the book content in this thread as I don’t want to fall foul of advertising on the forum. Although, given the “earnings” involved, I guess its no different to a YouTube channel or blog. But I did want to highlight how easy it is to publish a book through Amazon - but don’t expect to make any money out of it!

@M0WIV Thanks for the note - I will take a look at the table of contents (and depending on your settings, it should automagically update on your device)

I initially produced the ebook version as Kindle re-flowing text, but it just kept messing up the images and captions, so I have instead produced it as a “print replica”, which is much easier to manage.

Producing a proper reflowing text Kindle book also had the disadvantage of having to fork the development - you have to use completely separate editing systems to generate the print and Kindle version. Using “print replica” means you only ever have one version.

The system that Amazon have developed means that publishing a book is now just as easy as writing a Blog, or uploading a YouTube video. Amazon have a great system including a dedicated “free” application for formatting Kindle books.

The book was only ever really intended as a way to keep my own notes in a nicely bound book. You are right that the colour printing costs a bit; the paperback price is pretty much exactly the minimum that can be set - the price just covers the printing costs, which seems to work out at about 10p per page…As it happens, this is about the same I used to get charged in the 1980s for black-and-white photocopies of the inlay card from ZX Spectrum games I had copied from friends, so not too bad!

It works out much cheaper than printing your notes/images as “photo books” or similar, so is a good option if you ever wanted to get something printed relatively cheaply.


Kindle has improved its tools for publishing books more easily since I did mine. I used a program called Sigel to produce an ePub file which is essentially just HTML. Having recently asked on the Kindle forum Sigil is still probably one of the best ways to produce an eBook but it is a (very!) steep learning curve, or at least it was for me. :slight_smile:

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Sadly the Kindle version is not suitable for my Kindle Oasis.

Hi Fraser, sounds great and it surely is a “new dimesion challenge” … I will stay tuned :upside_down_face:. Cheers, Tom

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[quote=“M0WIV, post:4, topic:34842”

I feel I must up my game and produce a SOTA film of some worth. Something along the lines of Free Solo or Touching the Void ought to do it.

Can I help rescue you if you fall through a cornice then?? that must be worth a chapter… :smile:

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I had you down as the guy who cuts the rope David. :astonished:


TTTssss!! Damn you man !!! - I’m being miscast :smile:

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I also just purchased the paperback version of the book. I’m looking forward to living vicariously through your adventures. When I’m finished reading it, I plan to add it to my local library, which desperately needs more books of this genre.


My paperback copy arrived yesterday, & looks very good with some nice colour pictures throughout. I have a trip away coming up soon so I plan to take this along as my holiday read, but I fully expect that I will be unable to resist starting it sooner :laughing:

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Hi John, glad I could help with my “heads up” notification :wink: vy73/55, Tom

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Really enjoying my copy, was gutted when I realised I’d left in the seat pocket on a flight from Melbourne at the weekend and overjoyed when a cleaner found it three days later. But left wondering how many KMs it had travelled in between.


Just ordered a copy through Amazon Prime… Looking forward to reading it.
W6LEN / Jess

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I received my copy (via Amazon) a couple of hours ago and find that I can’t put it down. What a great book. Well done Matt. de W6LEN / Jess


I’ll be ordering it, thanks for putting this together.

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