Bonus Points for W7Y/W7Y/TT-172 Not Showing

Hi, Today I activated W7Y/TT-172, 7260’ but no bonus points showing.

W7Y ARM says:
“Min. height for bonus Winter bonus - 3 Points for activations >=6000 ft asl
Bonus period dates Winter Bonus-1 November to 1 April inclusive”

But no bonus points are showing. Does it take a while to show up?

I suspect the database is not set to correct winter start date of 1 November. If I look back at the last two years, my W7Y winter activations in November do not show bonus points.

The database says:

Association: USA - Wyoming, Region: Teton

Latitude: 43.3614, Longitude: -110.8511

QTH Locator: DN43ni

Valid From: 1 Nov 2010

Bonus Period: 3 points between 1 December and 31 March

The question is why is the ARM and DB don’t agree

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Thanks for the response. Looks like either database or W7Y ARM needs to be updated.

The current W7Y ARM 2.0 (as listed on the SOTA association page) was updated Aug 31, 2022 and states Dec 1 - Mar 31 which is in line with the summit info.

An older (superseded) W7Y ARM v1.05 Issued Feb 12, 2014 that does not feature on the association page but can be obtained via a google search states Nov 1 - Apr 1.

A reflector post makes reference to further pending changes.

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Thanks Robert. That was my problem; I had the 2014 doc.

Thanks for that Robert. I remember doing the W7Y updates because the updater tools needed work but I didn’t recall the details. I look further later to see if the summits were always out of step with the ARM until that update.

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1st November to 1st April would have been 5 months (plus a day) so I think it’s likely.