Association Updates 1st June 2022

This month’s updates are as follows:


Just a little tweak


A typo in the position was corrected

W4V USA - Virginia

Allen, AG4VA, is assuming management of W4V. Thanks for taking this on. We’re working on an update to the ARM.

W7Y USA - Wyoming

W7Y also sees new management. Thanks to Pat, K7GUD, for taking this role.
The Wyoming association is also being updated according to the latest tables from Lists of John.

We’ve got some old refs retiring (many of which are being replaced by new refs near by):

  • W7Y/EW-007
  • W7Y/EW-037
  • W7Y/EW-042
  • W7Y/FT-094
  • W7Y/FT-178
  • W7Y/NW-055
  • W7Y/NW-056
  • W7Y/PA-178
  • W7Y/SL-036
  • W7Y/SW-182
  • W7Y/TT-103

In total there are 41 new refs. Some new names have been found for previously-nameless summits.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish much of what I’m currently working on. I’m hoping soon to have one or two new South American associations ready.

Andy tells me he’s not got the W7Y updates through yet and there’s also a adjustment to BV bonus season pending.


The W7Y update is stalled due to some updates and changes we have made to the DB internals to better support mapping. I need to tweak the upload tool to support this and was hoping to do this today but got sidetracked. The update will be done as soon as I can get it done.