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Birthday Bash 2020

Hi All,

It’s that time of year again and Gerald, G4OIG and myself will be off to GM next week for our annual birthday treat to ourselves :slight_smile:

We’ll be active from 3rd to 6th March, and will be staying in Stirling. As Wx forecasts seem to be somewhat of a lottery at the moment, we’ll assess conditions on a day by day basis and put on alerts the previous evening, also post any updates here.

We’ll be using our usual MO’s, subject to conditions of course - Gerald will be doing 2m ssb and possibly FM with upper HF cw, and I’ll be doing lower HF (60m/80m/40m) ssb.

Hope to work a bunch of you soon :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD


[pedant] HF is 3-30MHz [/pedant]

Ouch that’s usually my shout… slipped into colloquial usage :-s

Hope you find the edit less offensive :wink:

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Look forwards to hear ya on the bands

Karl 2E0FEH

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Thanks Karl will be listening for you :slight_smile:

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Weather runes read, first summit decided upon and I’ve posted my alert. We plan to be on GM/SS-163 Stronend about 1400 tomorrow, 3rd March. Long drive and quite a walk so time a bit approx.

Let’s hope the sky is playing!

73 de Paul G4MD

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Hope you have a good journey and a decent day for it, Paul.
Floods, landslips and bridges permitting (&snow?) we hope to be out and seeking s2s on HF - bit far for 2m FM :smiley:
And Happy Birthday!

Hi Rod,

Very sorry to have missed you today with access to the “easy” route over a burn in spate not possible leading to a long and painful heather/bog/soft snow yomp we were uncharacteristically late on parade :frowning: Hope all went well for you! Many thanks for the birthday wishes from myself and Gerald :sunglasses:

Alert on for tomorrow - just a tiddler to give me some recovery time - GM/SS-134, Meall Gainmheich, hope to be on about 1200z.

73 de Paul G4MD

You may be in for a surprise when you meet the ground on that one.

I wrote “So hard going was the walk that what I expected to take 35mins took 1hr 20mins.”

We had the opposite problem a year or two back in the Pennines - no problem going; very difficult getting back. Glad you could find an alternative route even if it was seriously energy-sapping. Good luck for Wednesday - it looks as if you might need it. I expect I shall miss you - lunch with friends. We timed it quite well today - wet as we left the car and not another drop :slightly_smiling_face:
Enjoy the trip, 73,

My wife asked why we didn’t activate an easy summit today. I told her that there aren’t any around here, certainly not 2pts+. The ground you describe in your report is akin to that we crossed today on the southern side of the burn. Yes it takes time, but it ain’t no Galloway ground. What twill be will be. We will just add it to our “experiences” folder. :grin: Chasers please note time +/-… unlikely to be minus! :grinning:

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I did Stronend the wrong way, across the plain. Very wet, many holes, all hidden with layer of snow. Bleedin’ diabolical! There’s apparently a path around the edge which is much better.

Yes I think I found all of them, one leg disappearing crotch deep multiple times much to Gerald’s amusement! At least most were not filled with stinking black goo :-s

The giveaway on the map for here is “Spout of Ballochleam”. Suggests lots of water squirting out of something.

I reckon that on a good Winter day with a long hard frost and a blue sky this summit could be almost be not quite purgatory.

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It’s all true, Meall Gainmheich is a right b*gger of a hill with awful ground, fences that aren’t on the maps and lots of wandering around and ups and down steep valleys to cross burns. Maps just don’t give a clue as to the effort involved in doing this one… In our case 300 - 600mm of snow on everything made it extra hard and trying. I think we’d have exerted less effort if we’d done the longer day this was supposed to help us recuperate for.

We’re still going to try it anyway so tomorrow’s itinerary is the pair GM/SS-104 and 105. We plan be on the first about 11:00 and the second 14:00 but that’s only a guess - depends on ground conditions and willingness of bodies to take more punishment :-s

73 de Paul G4MD


Told you. You and Geraldo will be well frazzled after that with snow.

104/105 are a fine pair. I did them on a peach of day when it was -11C in Amulree village hall car park. From the car park back along the road, up the track to Girron Farm, along the track. At about NN921341 go up the slope to the col between Creag Ghorm and Meall nan Caorach. At the fence turn right and follow to trig. For Meal Reamhar, follow the fence straight down to the track. Careful, it’s steep, across track and straight up. There may be a path by the grouse butts. Take care if under snow, there are some lochans not shown on the map even 1:25000.

Meall nan Caorach GM/SS-104 from Meal Reamhar GM/SS-105

Schiehallion GM/CS-005 from Meall nanCaorach GM/SS-104

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Yes, I’m aching in places I didn’t even know I’d got this morning :-s

Alerts on, but not sure my body will get me to the hills… Cracking pics Andy hope we get conditions somewhere near! And without snow…

73 de Paul G4MD

Apologies to everyone, but we have decided to cancel today’s activations. Hopefully we will be able to get an activation in tomorrow.

So sad that you are having to cancel; I really feel for you. I should think you are really disappointed as well as completely knackered after an “easy” walk that turned out to be an epic. I hope you have a good and restful day today and will be all set for tomorrow.

Great to get you in the log yesterday @G4MD, somewhat unexpected given that I was using an RFCOMMS 20m end-fed antenna on 60m. The KX3 ATU pulled it to 1.0:1 match and it worked a treat. I just sneaked out at lunchtime for 45 minutes. The main tuning knob is playing up but with SOTA that isn’t an issue, direct frequency entry FTW.