Big thank you to MT perhaps?

With heavy snow forecast this morning OE/SB-360 seemed a suitable option for the afternoon. The summit page has all the information you need and, despite some light snow still falling I was on the top by 14:30. It would have been an hour earlier if I had used the ski tow, but I felt some exercise and fresh air was needed so I skinned up the obvious track.

Imagine my delight to find that the MT (I assume?) had installed an old ski lift cabin for use as a temporary radio shack. It was even warm inside (almost) as the watery sun had appeared. One of the old anchor brackets even came in useful for stringing out (guying) a EFHW to a distant ski.

So I highly recommend it for a winter SOTA activation!



Glad to hear we’re being listened to Colwyn. Hopefully they’ll have one on every summit by next winter. :+1:


I think they (the MT) rock! I could have done with something similar on GW/SW-041 today (ideally with cup holders).


I have to thank the MT’s EU division for constructing this faux hunter’s hide for attaching bits of antennas to, right at the top of the Rotwand DL/BE-073, although I have to say it’s a bit too close for comfort right on the very edge of a big vertical rocky drop!

More adventurous types than me (and lighter ones!) would have sat inside in comfort while activationising the summit, but me - no way! It’s taking Summits On The Air a little too literally for my tastes…

Oh BTW, the position of the Rotwand summit in the SOTA database is off by ~350 meters to the WNW as the crow flies, and ~60 meters below, the actual summit. Makes for adventure radio in a very real sense! Check this list out for some more fun DL/BE and DL/MF summit positions: