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Benelux Trip


Hi Luc,

Thank you for the information regarding 2m FM in ON. If I do manage to get a response on 145.500, am I best staying on that frequency to complete the QSO or are you required QSY away from 145.500 to complete the QSO? Are you required to keep a log of all CQ calls in Belgium? Hopefully meet you for a joint SOTA activation when we are activating a SOTA summit in ON or LX.

Jimmy M0HGY


145.500 is a calling channel, so normally you would have to qsy after extablishing a contact. But as explained, you will be lucky to get a contact at all … so it does not matter much in this case.

No need to log your CQ’s, and even better, no need to log anything at all when /M or /P in Belgium … but of course you need to log your qso’s to get the SOTA points, hi.


Thank you for letting me know this Luc, this sounds very similar to the UK apart from the fact that could get away with having a QSO on the calling channel with the band being very quiet unlike the UK.

Jimmy M0HGY


Hello dr ON friends.
Can you recomend any places with activity also for kids? Like 5years old.
73 de LA1KHA Kjell


Hi Kjell,

I can recommend ON/ON-006: there is a small playground and a hughe watch tower on the summit.

73, Peter ON4UP


ON/ON-024 is near an (expensive) amusement park: Plopsa Coo , but it is not ON the summit :wink:
Kids <85cm tall get in for free. Parking there is 10€, but “my” parking spot at the cemetery is free. There is also a nice waterfall nearby, with picknick benches.

As for logging in Belgium, it gets better all the time !
I just got confirmation that the logging requirement has been deleted altogether.
So no log required fixed, mobile or portable.



Does a chart like this exist for region 1?
I know the 40m band is smaller there, but I don’t know the limits of the CW portion, or where the QRP and SOTA people like to hang out. I think the 30 and 20 meter bands are the same as here in the US.



The band plans in region 1 are reasonably the same across the countries. But there are differences.

UBA is the Belgian national radio society and they have the following bandplans on their website.


VERON is the Dutch national society

ASBL for Luxembourg



I use these charts saved on my mobile, also printed double sided on A4 sheet and laminated for protection. They are for S5 but as Andy already said, band plans in Region 1 are almost the same, at least on main bands.


Thanks for the charts. Looks like I just need to stay below 7040 for 40m CW, and 30 and 20 are the same as the US.


Standard SOTA frequency for 40m CW in Europe is 7032
If occupied, just move up 7032.5, 7033, etc , or down to 7031, but avoid 7030 (QRP calling)
Enjoy your trip !


3 x 8 point summits for Zero walking time, plus one with a 5 minute walk. Amazing !

I spent nearly 8 hours walking and climbing yesterday to activate two 8 pointers in Scotland.

I must visit Belgium, mind you with all that good food and beer I think my waistline would expand. hi

73 Rob GM3YTS