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Benelux Trip



Me, my dad Tom M1EYP and the rest for my family will be doing a trip around Benelux from Monday 24th June to Thursday 4th July. If you don’t know what Benelux means, it means the countries of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

We will be getting the overnight ferry from Hull to Rotterdam in The Netherlands on Monday 24th June and will be staying in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam in The Netherlands from Tuesday 25th June to Friday 29th June and will then be staying in Liege in Belgium from Friday 29th June to Thursday 4th July and then getting the overnight ferry back home from Rotterdam to Hull on Thursday 4th July.

While on this trip we are planning to activate all the SOTA summits in PA and LX and some of the SOTA summits in ON . Activations are also possible in F and DL, but are unlikely. As this is a family trip SOTA activations will be restricted to early mornings and 1 or 2 whole days SOTA activating.

I have the licensing regulations for all countries mentioned above, but need to get round to reading through them at some-point, if anyone knows any key differences to the licensing regulations for the above countries to the UK (such as do you have to keep a log of everything including CQ calls like to would do in EI etc), please let me know.

I am planning to do the SOTA activations on HF SSB and 2m FM and my dad will activate on HF CW and possibly HF FT8. I am just wondering what may best chances are of making on contacts on 2m FM. In the UK, we have a calling channel of 145.500 which is used for making CQ calls and then you would QSY to another simplex frequency to complete the QSO. Is it exactly the same for the above countries or would be best best to remain on 145.500 to complete the QSO or it is a case of no calling channel to exist and having to call CQ to any random 2m FM simplex frequency to get a QSO. Any local knowledge on this would be much appreciated.

Jimmy M0HGY


Hi Jimmy,
for your info, here are all the parking positions for the Belgian summits + average walking time.
As you can see, very little walking is needed :wink:
There is a link to my blog on each summits’ page, for more info and pictures.
73 Luc - ON7DQ

Code Name Alt(m) Points Activations parking pos GPS Avg walking time
ON/ON-001 Signal de Botrange 695 8 236 50.501208, 6.093355 zero
ON/ON-004 Bois de Hazeille 586 6 118 50.031536, 5.427229 zero
ON/ON-006 La Croix Scaille 503 6 123 49.954181, 4.844514 zero
ON/ON-009 Iverst 693 8 110 50.408333, 6.369756 zero
ON/ON-010 Baraque Fraiture 651 8 178 50.253133, 5.731574 zero
ON/ON-011 Sur Clair Fa 601 8 139 50.319992, 5.972432 5 minutes
ON/ON-013 Bois de Hodinfosse 568 6 127 50.309002, 5.845732 30 minutes
ON/ON-016 Les Aisances 445 4 69 49.756654, 5.199489 zero
ON/ON-017 Bois Haut 405 4 74 49.545825, 5.753395 zero
ON/ON-018 A la Plate 395 2 61 50.322808, 5.544940 zero
ON/ON-019 Bois de Javingue 365 2 62 50.155342, 5.281790 20 minutes
ON/ON-021 Plantis de Mesnil 306 2 73 50.177280, 4.916743 5 minutes
ON/ON-024 Bois du Tour du Coo 340 2 72 50.393306, 5.874168 25 minutes
ON/ON-025 Burteaumont 455 4 98 50.400523, 5.979388 zero
ON/ON-026 Le Mont d’Henri-Chapelle 354 2 98 50.677059, 5.920479 zero
ON/ON-027 Pottelberg 157 1 63 50.765075, 3.699555 zero
ON/ON-028 Noordelijke terril Waterschei 195 1 46 51.006741, 5.537109 30 minutes
ON/ON-029 Terril Ste-Barde et Tonne 230 1 44 50.658570, 5.560859 20 minutes


Summits on the Autobahn Luc? :grin:


Yes, why not ? Haha

Seriously, my positions are for driving close to where I park … off the main road of course !
Some GPS may not want to guide you on gravel roads, one solution is to put the GPS in “bicycle” mode for the last part.


Hi Jimmy,

while I was at it, I made a table for PA and LX too.

Code Name Alt(m) Points Activations parking pos GPS Avg walking time
PA/PA-003 Observant (Sint Pietersberg) 170 1 87 50.812408, 5.682566 15 minutes
PA/PA-006 Signaal Imbosch 110 1 35 52.037021, 5.990766 10 minutes
Code Name Alt(m) Points Activations
LX/LX-001 Steekammchen 456 4 65 49.97120, 5.95437 10 minutes
LX/LX-002 Grengenwald 432 4 48 49.670951, 6.206298 20 minutes
LX/LX-003 Kiirchbësch 422 4 53 49.89187, 6.22486 15 minutes
LX/LX-004 Widderbierg 387 2 47 49.648870, 6.319931 10 minutes

Only don’t remember exactly how long I walked for LX-001 and LX-003, so those are just guesses, hi.
Also haven’t anything on my blog for those two , or for PA-006. I will add those someday …
For PA-003, please read my blog, the access road is a bit complicated.
Luc, ON7DQ


10 minutes sounds about right. I remember leaving some clips at the summit and having to walk back from the car to collect them. So I did it twice but it still didn’t seem like much!


Thanks Luc for all the summit information, hopefully work you when activatimg SOTA summits in Benelux.

Jimmy M0HGY


Those tables are great Luc! I’m going to be in Benelux in the second half of May, and am planning to get some summits while I’m there.


Sounds good Jeff, please let us know what your activations were like in Benelux.

Jimmy M0HGY


Thanks Luc great resource :slight_smile: Many of these are closer than the GM summits we’ve not activated… I can feel some continental trips coming on!

73 de Paul G4MD


Did you ask me whether I would be willing to spend a small fortune purchasing the necessary motoring insurance post Br+×-t? :smiley:


No rush Gerald - plenty of time :wink:
The race is on: International agreement on global warming v agreement on what B******t looks like (or to make it even more open - which niece will get married first)


I have the same question as Jimmy: is it worth bringing an HT over?


Only if you speak “Benelux”.


2m/HT : ok for communicating with your family (if they are hams of course), or other activators nearby, so with some luck you might catch a S2S.

But for general SOTA activation … nah, not worth the effort.
I only checked the three most activated ON summits : less than 1% of the qso’s were on 2m.

We have only about 3000 hams in Belgium, of which only 1/3 live in the French speaking part, where most of the summits are. And many of those are not really very “active” hams, and as a rough guess : only 5 of them are SOTA activators, all the other activators are from the Flemish speaking part of Belgium.

Moreover, when you call CQ in English, most people will be reluctant to reply …
But if you still want to try, 145.500 will indeed be the best place to start calling.
And you will certainly have to self-spot for any success.

And you thought that the Br?x*t was a complicated matter ? ;-).
Welcome to Belgium !

PS : from my QTH in Ostend, I can hardly work any of the ON summits, the skip is too short for 60m or higher. Only on 80m I can work them.
But the good news is : I will be in EA7 from May 19 - June 8, and on the road to Friedrichshafen from June 18 - June 26, so I may have a better chance of working you guys from there, and it will be S2S as well !
And for Jimmy and Tom : we might bump into each other on a ON or LX summit, since I will be on the return home from FH when you are in that area … we’ll see.

73 - Luc ON7DQ


Make sure you say hello at the rally this time Luc! We followed each other around FL/VO summits last year yet never actually met.


We did meet Andy … I said hello,and bought one of your flags … but it was all in a hurry … too short ! We’ll do better this year, hi


So you did! Senior moment :blush: There was someone who was at the rally that I missed and I can’t remember who now.


Try another whisky Andy! It might help your memory or it might help ease the pain of failure :wink:


Tempting but a busy day tomorrow… lots to get done then the GMDX convention in the afternoon. A clear head will be needed.