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Ben Nevis GM/WS-001 16 MAY 2022

The motorhome passed it’s shakedown tests with flying colours.

Everything is still go with my Scottish SOTA trip.

Radio wise I’m packing my FT817 and MTR-2B (20/30) for HF and my FT60 for VHF. I plan to use the FT817 for GM/WS-339 on Sunday afternoon. I’ll pack the microphone in order to attempt 40m SSB, I will of course also do CW. Weather forecast looks sort of OK, so I’ll try to do a few bands.

For GM/WS-001, I will take my MTR-2B and most likely concentrate on 20m. I realise that I will probably be excluding UK callers, but I don’t want to pack a 40m sized dipole and equipment. Maybe 30m will work to some of the extremities of the UK. I’ll try 2FM with the FT60.

I do hope to get as many QSOs as time and conditions allow - please listen out for me!

73, Colin


I hope you find a turd free spot around the old observatory buildings if you need shelter to operate from!!


Good luck on your trip, I wont hear you from here on 2m, but have a safe trip. :+1:

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Thanks all for the QSOs this afternoon from GM/WS-339. Despite lousy band conditions I managed plenty of QSOs, and nice to work several friends too - @G4CPA, @G4OIG and @EA2BD amongst them.

Tomorrow’s target, motorhome patiently waiting (lower left)

The journey has been fine and thanks to @MM0FMF for the lunch stop recommendation!

73, Colin


Hi Colin,
great signals this afternoon, true 599, despite a lot of static crashes here due to a local storm.
I’ll try to catch you again tomorrow, if I’m back in time after the school.

Have fun in your luxury van, GL es 73, Iggy


WX awful on Ben Nevis.
Worked 4 on 2m FM with the handheld transceiver.

Sorry to those who would’ve worked me on HF, it simply wasn’t possible today.

Will write a report later.

73, Colin


Oh dear,
hope you’re soon back in the civilization safe and sound!
Glad you make it, sometimes a simple handheld transforms into the most valuable rig, congrats for qualifying and glad to read you. I was keeping an eye on the spots and felt a bit worried for not to have seen you there yet.

Have a proper meal in a wet place to celebrate it!
73 de Ignacio

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Weather report for Ben Nevis area 16-May-2022

The monsoon rains normally start end of May!


Thanks for your concern, I’m safely back at the camper.

I think my next move will be a shower and then a visit to the shop to buy some memorabilia.

73, Colin


May and June are the months when I have had the most good weather in that area, but its the West Highlands so there is no guarantee! I remember reading that there are several possible translations of its name: venomous mountain, ugly mountain, cloud-capped mountain, terrible mountain just for starters, and none of them suggest any reason for optimism!


Agreed, as usually happened when I lived in Fort William - BUT - returned tonight from the Western Isles having completed only one of about five planned activations in 9 days … :umbrella: Planning to go next time in November to guarantee much better weather…… :rofl:

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Cripers! That’s the month when even serious climbers stick to low level walks! ISTR it was called the “padding season!” I used to like to go there in September, the weather was often reasonable and the midges were less of a bother…and so were the tourists!


If you look closely you can see the GM4NFI hexbeam in the photo.
GM/WS 339 summit is about 20 mins walk from my shack well when I was younger noew more like 30 mins.