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Ben Lawers and neighbours

Ben Lawers GM/CS-001, Meall Garbh GM/CS-004, Meall Greigh GM/CS-026

I planned the trip to Ben Lawers with the intention to tackle all three peaks in the ridge. Starting from the east, leaving the car at the Lawers Hotel, I was on the hill at 7.30(local), heading up to Lochan nan Cat and then up the head wall behind it turning West to get to Ben Lawers.

The activation went well with good results from all of the HF bands although there was plenty QSB. I heard @MM0YCJ/P on I/VA-066 but was not able to complete as I disappeared into noise and then he did too. Hope I didn’t disrupt your activation, you were readable when I called but then lost the path. After 1-hour hf I changed to 2fm and was pleased to receive 6 contacts. This gave me some hope for the other activations. After tidying up I set off for the next hill Meall Garbh, pretty tired by the time I’d contoured round An Stuc. I got to the summit and tried 2 fm for contacts finding 4 helpful folk waiting for me. Splendid as I didn’t have the energy to set up for HF!
As my car was parked at the east side of the chain, I had to continue in the direction of the third hill anyway and buoyed by the 2m fm success so far, I continued. Having reached it, I enjoyed the sit down and another 2m fm activation. There were a few other people turned up at this summit but they obviously were doing the route utilizing 2 cars, one at either end, so reducing the mileage walked. After 6 contacts I packed up for the day and headed back down to the car - very slowly…
Total distance just short of 20km and almost 12 hours on the hill.

Apologies to anyone who was looking for an hf contact on the later summits, energy conservation was taking precedence by then.
Thanks for all the contacts particularly for the summit to summits.

Moody shot of Ben Lawers on the left, then An Stuc and Meall Garbh taken from Meall Greigh.

28 points in the bag and an enjoyable fish and chips from Killin. Legs are somewhat tired today, never knew our stairs were so steep :blush:. Mrs VPM says I should apply the "grey hair factor " to my plots and plans…

Equipment used: FT 817 and linked dipole for hf, 2m fm by Wouxun KG UVDP1 and RH770 clone.



Excellent - Its a long day out too!

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It’s a big day Alan, more than I think I can manage. I’ve done Ben Lawers and Meall Greigh on their own leaving me Meall Garbh still to do. That’s a big walk and climb from wherever you start such that it’s not that much more to rope in Meall Greigh again on the way for a bonus 8 pts.

Some fine views to be had from Meall Greigh even though it’s the baby of the 3. I need to Ben Lawers again so I can actually see something, thick mist when I was there many years back.


Hi Alan,

yes, I know the grey hair factor and I have been feeling it for a few years. I guess some hikes done 3 or 4 years ago are closed to me now. :frowning:

73, Ludwig

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Another factor I know very well is “no hairs”.
Claudio IX1IHR


Another factor I know is the lard factor.
73, Heinz

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I win, I have all 3, no hair, grey hair and lard :slight_smile:


Ha ha, drive on summits only for you… Oh wait a minute…

Has it been returned fit for the road again?


Do you think you are the only one?

Yes. Two new springs installed. It was corrosion induced fatigue that caused it to snap. It shouldn’t be corroded at 4yrs 4days old. So probably the plastic coating was defective all along or the coating was nicked when the car was built. However, a certain Bavarian car company isn’t interested as to why it was corroded or that it shouldn’t have been corroded at that age. It was a corrosion fail so not under warranty (original or extended).

Sadly not. Perhaps people who are looking to change the points system to include difficulty of ascent would like to factor age, weight, fitness and amount of hair (grey or otherwise) into their ideas? :wink:



Well done! Im guessing you probably made it more difficult for yourself by starting in Lawers village 200m ASL, versus the national Trust for Scotland car park, 450m ASL.

When I get round to these, I’ll probably opt for 2m as well. Nice and simple on a big day out.


Fraser MM0EFI

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Hi Fraser, thanks.

According to Outdooractive, the distance from the car park to Meall Greigh is 12.7km and then you still have to get back although starting higher clearly helps. Jack’s route with the starting point half way along is worth a look.

I’ll be using the NT car park for the others along that end for sure :wink:


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Thanks for your effort, I’m glad to have got you in the log.
I might be doing a summit tomorrow but unsure which one to choose being so soon after a prolapsed disc.

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Likewise good to catch you twice.

Whatever one you choose, make sure you don’t use any of my routes to set back your recovery. :grin:


I’ll heed that advice :slight_smile:
Looking like Meikle Bin tomorrow.