BBC1 Countryfile 6pm Sunday (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from BBC1 Countryfile 6pm Sunday (Part 1) - #101 by G4TGJ.

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I was watching BBC in France last month. There are two ways to do it without using a VPN.

The easiest is to stream it using a SIM card purchased in the UK. This is what we did but of course you need a reasonable signal and data allowance, TV is between 0.5 and 1 GB an hour.

We also have a satellite dish on the roof of the campervan and can pick up UK stations but it only works in about half of France. You used to be able to pick it up over a large part of Europe but they tightened the beam up considerably a few years ago. Apparently this was partly at the request of local TV companies who saw the BBC as competition and users were accessing it for free.

You can still pick up BBC in Spain but you need a big dish of 3m or so. Not really a solution when mobile. :slight_smile:

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As Richard @G3CWI commented, I was also intrigued and impressed by the mixing of the audio to make everything intelligible, but still make it look and sound convincingly like 2-way radio - with received audio characteristics when the camera was on the RX end. I know what my audio sounded like from my end - as I’d obviously viewed and listened to the clips I submitted before sending - and I can tell you that the BBC sound people have done a FB job on noise reduction etc.

I think all the participants did a great job, but I think the BBC team have made us appear even better and more slick! The biggest worry for me before broadcast was how they would edit - but that has turned out to be a triumph. I’ve written to the Countryfile team member that I liaised with to express my thanks and how pleased we all were with the item as broadcast.