BBC Scotland - Roads Less Travelled

Interesting program on BBC 2 Scotland last night as part of the Adventure Show, a 2 part by Cameron McNeish. He started on Ben Rinnes and ended up on Beinn a’Chuallaich at Kinloch Rannoch.

I think part 2 is on tonight, but only in Scotland. People in the rest of the UK will be able to see on BBC iPlayer, but iPlayer cant be accessed from outside the UK.

73 and Merry Christmas to all
Gavin, GM0GAV

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bbc scotland is on virgin media channel 862

BBC-2 Scotland is also available throughout the UK on FreeSat channel 970. “Roads Less Travelled - Part 2” will be on this evening from 19:00 until 20:00.

Walt (G3NYY)

I watched part one earlier today and part 2 this evening. A real pleasure!

Can’t find on BBC iPlayer via my TV in England unfortunately. I’ll try again tomorrow.
73 Phil

You have to lie to them, Phil! Go to the bottom of the home page and set your location to Scotland, then it shows up!

Phil, I found it on my TV’s iPlayer, but only if I searched for The Adventure Show, rather than Roads Less Travelled.

Thanks guys, Phil and Brian - I will use the suggested methods tonight and watch the show - fortunately the two other residents currently here also enjoy programmes like this and having seen Cameron Mc Neish presentations on telly before I am sure we will all enjoy it.

73 Phil

Pooh! For obvious reasons you cannot register an iPlayer account if you appear to be outside of the UK because non-UK residents are not funding the BBC. As I appear to be Iceland, Switzerland, Los Angeles or Rochester, NY. the BBC said no. So I turned off my “Romulan Shields” (disabled the VPN) and tried again. I keep getting “Sorry a technical problem occured” and no registration. At least I get told the registration failed unlike some other websites in the UK. I’m guessing the BBC don’t like some web based email providers and want something much more traceable. I’ll register later with my works laptop and email address and try again.

Annoying when you consider how much dosh this household has paid in licence fees in the last 34 years :frowning:

There are still paths into iPlayer that do not need an account. Check out WebPVR (webpvr · get-iplayer/get_iplayer Wiki · GitHub), or if you’re feeling brave, the command line tool that underlies it, get_iplayer. It was originally written as an iPlayer client for Linux users, but has been backported to Windows as it has many advantages over the official interface.

You almost certainly do need a UK IP address, but no account registration is needed. It downloads programmes as a simple unencrypted MPEG file (complete with metadata) that you can play in your favourite media player (e.g. VLC), keep indefinitely, transcode to other formats etc.

Since this tool is a reverse engineering job on the iPlayer protocols, it does break from time to time, but the authors usually catch up. I have successfully used it to download the programmes we’re discussing in this thread. Doubtless the BBC will be working hard to close the loophole, but enjoy it while it lasts.


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I have got an advice: Move to Scotland!

Yes, we watched part 1 last night, and it was much enjoyed Phil. On the iPlayer in the telly. I used The Adventure Show as search.

I haven’t been walking in the Aviemore / GM/ES area yet - I have only activated ever in GM in the SS area. I thought the GM/ES area had a feel of the Yorkshire Wolds in East Yorkshire (G/TW-004 area) about it but of course without the type of agriculture there and much more remote and higher and colder, but then I thought that in its creation the powers that be added in a few glaciers from up north to the mix and then 3000 feet of ground and that is probably how the mountains in Eastern Scotland were created.

Thanks to Gavin for the initial alert about the two programmes.

73 Phil

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You are in for a terrible shock - ES has the most ground in the UK over 2k feet, 3k feet and 4k feet!! The high tops are classified as “sub-arctic” and are really dangerous if you are not experienced. The hills on the periphery are tame but the vast majority lie within the National Park and most rely on the infamous “long walk in”.

I have activated the lot so if you need a “heads-up” please contact me off reflector

Enjoy Hogmanay - I’ve started :grin:


I thought someone would say that Barry. Yes, wild county indeed. I think you took my comparison out of context as I could see how wild it was in Cameron’s film, so I don’t think it would be such a shock having seen the ruggedness if I ever get there, although much of what I saw was distant views as Cameron took to using establish tracks, with the ones around Aviemore looking very eroded and well used.

I certainly would have to contact you if I came up that way - only two GPX tracks have been shared so far to the mapping project where I invariably look first if I am going somewhere I haven’t been before.

There can’t be many who can say they have done activated all 87 summits - that is one hell of an achievement, well done. 64 chased out of 87 that is the best I can claim hihi

I’ll be opening my bottle after my chicken roast dinner!

73 Phil

He made it up a couple of the biggies but then finished on what was my closest summit - but made it difficult by going up the wrong side (guess that was to make a good video!)

Game pie in the oven, a fine Claret warming and (horror of horrors - not a malt) Gunshot Gin in the glass! I might not make it to midnight at this rate :sweat:

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Go to the Google map for GM/ES-001 and zoom out a bit - then a bit more - then more still! Its a moonscape of granite rubble, the sort of landscape that makes you feel like you are a pimple on an elephant’s posterior! And its lonely…a lovely place!:grinning: Incidentally, there is some evidence that there were glaciers active there as recently as the 17th century.

Fine business on your drinks Barry. Here is what we are drinking with our dinner tonight, purchased from Chateau Melnik when activating on holiday in the Czech region last September… :wine_glass:

But they’re full!!

Happy New Year

Ah, but note the corkscrew lurking on the right :grinning:

Happy new year everyone

73 Victor GI4ONL

They aren’t full now Barry… finish them off tonight. Well spotted Victor, the corkscrew was poised when I took the photo.

Happy New Year - good to see so much activity on SOTA last night and today…

73 Phil