battery on the Yaesu FT70D

Hi, I got a Yaesu FT70D relatively brand new with a box and the cradle charger from the auction site. I have used it a few times and it seems that I might need a new battery, this maybe why they were selling it who knows. I fully charged it and went up Red Screes at the beginning of the week. I activated with 6 QSOs using the rubber duck(activation report to follow seperately) and noticed the battery light come on when activating near the end.

i have also noticed that if i leave it sat on receive on my desk at home it does obviosuly last longer but then seems to drop to battery light levels quite quickly on transmit.

Anyone have experience as to how long a known good battery lasts for this handheld? Seems i might need to buy a new battery me thinks.

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Not sure how long you have the FT70D in usw?

My first battery included with the FT1DE lasted ~ 500 charge cycles (and about 5 years) - just like the typical number found for Li-Ion cells.
At that state maximum 2 or 3 QSO and power-off.

Bought a new original last year at the Ham Radio. Working and lasting again as expected (APRS during the hike for 6-10 hours + 10 QSO on the summit is no problem).
Keeping it on a charger all the time not recommended btw.

73 Joe

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Yeah 'm not sure if this would last 6-10 hours APRS and 10 QSO’s. i’ll keep an eye out this charge on its usage as I know when i charged it an exactly what i have used the charge for so far.

6 QSO’s and on receive whilst descending for about 1 hour 30. thats it so far.


I bought 2 extra batteries for mine. The FT70d is the absolute worst battery life for a radio I’ve ever dealt with. Its pitiful.
73 Gary


I don’t have accurate records, but my FT70D does run the battery down if I leave it in the radio between outings, so I always unclip it when not in use.

Also, with all my various old HH radios I don’t use full power unless the distant station is struggling to copy. It makes no difference on most QSOs, and 5W does seem to hammer batteries…


Ah that may be one of the issues then. i’ll ensure to keep it unclipped.

yeah i might just get a spare battery. I just assumed a modern HT would have a decent battery on it.

yeah i think i’ll try low power on it next time too. One of my best qsos on Monday was with someone I think my log said was 89KM away and he was running 200mw! he first tried at 100mw but was barely breaking the squelsh. 200mw and he was a 5/5 perfect copy.