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BaMaKey TP-III Morse Paddle

Hi Heinz,
As always a very simple and ingenious solution!!
It is more flexible than mine, but I´m planning to change my writing board by one made with thin steel and painted with epoxy powder paint.
Definetely It is better solution be able move the paddle right to the board to put it into the backpak to avoid levers damage and also to find the best angle depending the case, as you said.
Thanks for sharing Heinz I will show mine when finished.

Hi Jorge,
thanks for sharing your evaluation of that nice key and for allowing me to use it for the first time during our activation in EA2/NV-053.

Jorge, it is always a pleasure to go out with you, chat and feel in good company to face any adventure in the wild.
Excuse me the off topic, but just let me put an example of one of these silly adventures.

When we arrived in that summit, we faced a non common difficulty; the summit was fully occupied by horses.

We managed to find a clear spot and here you see Jorge ready to start the activation:

I separated and found another place for my station. When the activation was over and I joined Jorge back again, he was a bit disgusted. The paddle worked excellent for him, but those horses approached him during the activation and tried to chew the bright green supporting rope around his pole!

He needed to stand several times shouting and waving to throw them out!

Looking forward to our next adventure together.
73 de Ignacio


Hi All,

Received very quickly from Markus DL6YYM this nice mini paddle :+1:

Like Jorge @EA2LU I received the same gifts and XYL jumped to the sweet corner :candy: :rofl:

Many thanks to Heinz @HB9BCB for the idea !! :+1:

I find a steel washer but a bit bigger ø54/20x3.5mm

The Paddle does not move at all and I can reduce the notepad size now :wink:

Of a very high quality of manufacture and after the disappearance on the market of the famous Mini Palm I think that we will have to rely on this BaMaKey TP-III. I had no adjustments to make, it was perfect at the first time.


73, Éric


Hi guys Éric and Jorge…!

Thanks for sharing your feelings with your new BaMaTek TP-lll paddles… I agree with everything you guys have said. By far the best paddles I have used in over 45 years of hamming…

I glued a piece of metal to the IKEA breadboard that holds the paddles and the little rig. The 4 magnets on the bottom give a rock solid feel…

Here´s a pic:

73´s Siggi TF3CW