Bad weather activations

Last Saturday, I had the chance to activate Wildalpljoch, DL/MF-075. My hike was a kind of roundtrip, a brougth me near to the summit of Wendelstein, DL/MF-079. There is a platform on top of the summit, and sitting on the benches makes activating really comfortable!
Unfortunately, the weather was not the best, and it started snowing. So no short wave this time!
Here are my “before” and “after” pictures (the dry place on the left side was my sitting position…)

It was a good idea to cover the rucksack, before starting with he QSOs.

Thanks to all the chasers!

73 de Robert, DL4ROB


Hi Robert @DL4ROB.

Thanks for your report. I immediately had to think of my activation of the Blößling DM/BW-640 last year. Also here the weather was not very nice and snow joined it.

Good weather with your further activations!

73 Marcel DM3FAM


I have changed the subject to “Bad weather activations”.

For the upcoming weekend, the forecast is not promising.

Trying another bad weather activation? Or stay at home?

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Nice spring weather.!!

A tarp would have been great !!

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With the exception of the few times that I have used a handheld radio, I generally operate my radios from within my backpack. They are also protected within a plastic enclosure. The worst kind of weather I have found is snow falling when the wind often changes direction and no matter how hard you try, it manages to gets into the backpack. Graupel bouncing around is another problem. I much prefer horizontal driving sleet as it tends to come from one direction which is easier to deal with. A tarp does help whatever the weather… even as a sun shade. :grinning:

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