Bad for Chasers today

What a bad day for QRN today on the bands…but also some cracking contacts despite the noise, so Thanks to everyone for coming back to me… Best 73

I am about to change my call sign as I have progressed up through the ranks so can anyone tell me please how to go about keeping my chaser points etc and what the procedure is…Thanks

73 M7AGB Allen

Hi Allen

Maybe this helps with changing the callsign: New callsign - #2 by MM0TAI

73 Sabrina

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Ah Thanks Sabrina flower a great help
Best 73 Allen

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That thread is 8 years old… don’t create a new reflector account, you need to have your username changed by the admins. PM me or Jim g0cqk with your new call.

For SW3 and newsotadata, you can change the callsign yourself. Log into SW3, click your old callsign in the top right and then update account. Your callsign will change on SW3, newsotada, SOTA mapping site and

For SW2… please start using SW3. Likewise for the database stop using the original sotadata database as it will be switched off very soon.

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Sorry, sometimes I find helpful information with the search function.

It was good and valid information back then Sabrina because it described exactly how to update your call sign. The new software used does allow people to change their information but we (the admins) had to disable it as people would change it from their call sign to nick-names etc. We want everyone to use their call sign and so you need to ask first. The change is easily done but can only be made by admins. Of course if people only used their call sign there would be no problem and we could re-enable it.


Hi Andy
Good to know, thank you.
I think this is also one of the reasons why you have such a great community and ham spirit here. I feel like in a online forum where nobody reveals their identity you have a very bad “climate” from time to time. People will write things that they would never say in the real world because they think no one knows who they are.


Thanks Andy I’m sorry if I have done anything wrong………I won’t get my new call sign till after xmas I shouldn’t imagine, so will let you know it as soon as possible.

Best 73 and all have a good Yule

Absolutely not Allen… get in touch when you get the new call.

The old one is what you get by default from the headline links on

Hardly surprising that it is still being used…


Unfortunately Martyn since logging in to SW3 all I get is a blank page

Try now. You’re in the block of people that weren’t quite migrated entirely.

Good thing switching those links are in the migration plan :slight_smile:

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Cheers our kid all working fine now thanks

Best 73 Allen

I was looking at this and thought it’ll be a migrate fail, checked it was, went to confirm it was broken so I could check I’d fixed it and it worked. “Hey what’s happening here…”, checked and the missing data was now there. Then found Andrew’s reply.

Part of my Distributed Problem Resolution Service.

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Hi Andy
Sorry to mither you but I now have my new call sign which is 2E0AGB I would appreciate instructions of what I have to do now please.

Kindest regards…….Allen

  1. Login to SW3 using the Login button in the top right.
  2. Click update account and change your callsign and save these changes.
  3. Goto the new database ( and check that your new callsign is showing in the honour rolls. Click it and check it shows your old QSOs with your old callsign.
  4. Job done, have a mince pie and a dram.

I have changed your call on here. You will need to logout and log back in again with the new call and current existing reflector password.

Congratulations on passing the IL, full licence next stop ! :slight_smile:

Cheers Andy
I’d buy you a large dram if I could mate…you have a good un

73 Allen

When I go to SW3, it still says “beta” in red letters. Is this right?

Walt (G3NYY)