Avalanche on the approach to GM/SS-082

Capel Fell east of Moffat in Southern Scotland.

Approaching Capel fell on 29 Feb 2020, from out of the forest at Sailfoot Law, I came across this slab avalanche. This is a relatively common type of avalanche in Scotland, simply caused by the snow pack sliding off another snow pack of different density, or as here, off a smoother surface or a lubricated surface during a thaw, in this case grass. Its enough big enough to kill someone.

What makes it unusual - well at least for me, is the low altitude at a hight of around 540m. I’ve come across many avalanches but never this low. I also suspect from the aspect of the slope that this may well be a place where avalanches occur often as it appears to have occurred in a small ‘basin’.

Anyway I carried on and got my points for activating the summit and getting my winter bonus.

(I’ve had another encounter with a larger avalanche in Norway)Dave Perry's logbook: A MISADVENTURE IN NORWAY (III)

David P
Robin Hood’s Bay