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As long as it is allowed...

Is he captive or are you providing supplimentary food for a wild one? I love them but we only get tawny’s around here.

Heh heh heh - a flock of parakeets… out here in the western wastelands of Texas, we have huge flocks of marauding parrots. They come up from Mexico in the summer, and go back down into Mexico for the winter. They are beautiful, pretty much no trouble at all, but they are quite noisy. When you first hear them you are struck by their beauty. But after about a week you just wish they would shut up! I have no clue what they eat, perhaps the pecans off the trees here. I need tools to crack those shells, but from past experience I know a parrot has a strong beak. Even being noisy, I prefer them to the pigeons that crap on everything. But pigeons are somewhat territorial, chase them off and keep after them, and few new ones move in.

I wish I had a photo of the parrots to post… never stopped to take one.

Vy73 --Mike – KD5KC – El Paso, Texas.

We were running out of bird peanuts and seed, and had run out of fatballs. Our local Tesco Extra had all three in stock yesterday when we went for food. In fact seed was in bigger packs than we had ever seen before. Fatballs were 6 for £1.50 or a big tub of 50 for £5: should keep the local bids going for a while. We need to have squirrel-proof feeders so only accommodate smaller birds: robin, blue tit, great tit and dunnock mostly, with occasional long tailed tits.

Oh he’s bred in captivity, 2004 vintage. We didn’t know that we had wild Barn Owls locally until we had him. He hears them call to one another while hunting and joins in. One year he had a very feisty lady friend that came around every night for weeks on end… it got very noisy indeed!

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Our public health order in California allows walking and hiking for exercise and well-being. Our county FAQ says:

The Order allows you to go outside for exercise so long as you maintain social distancing (more than 6 feet from persons who are not part of your household). This includes activities like walks or hikes or bike rides or going to a park.


The Peninsula Open Space Trust sent out these guidelines for visitors to open spaces:

  • Stay at home if you or others in your household are sick.
  • Explore nature nearby and try to choose less-frequented parks and trails.
  • Before visiting parks or preserves, check their websites for updated closure information. If a parking lot is full, crowded or closed, do not go to the preserve.
  • Go alone or with members of your household only. Do not hold social gatherings. Stay six feet away from people you don’t live with.
  • Restrooms and other public facilities are closed; plan ahead before leaving home. Pack out all your trash.
  • Don’t stay too long — give others the opportunity to have a safe experience as parking will be limited.


It was announced in the national news this evening that the lock-down in Germany is to be extended to run until after Easter - most likely until April 20th.

My personal belief is that “after Easter” was always intended but it was “politically better” to first of all say 2 weeks and then extend as needed rather than saying 5-6 weeks to start with.

No changes to the rules that are currently in place at this time.

73 Ed.

I worked a very interesting Turkish Special Event station on 5 MHz this evening.
The callsign is TC1STAYHOME.
All is explained in their QRZ.com page!

Walt (G3NYY)

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No activting for a while over here… as is the case in many places around the world we are limited to essentiel displacements only (pharmacy,groceries),access out of region is forbidden. I was looking forward to activate a few summits while still in winter bonus period… too bad… but better to stay home, be safe and wait untill its over. 73 VA2MO Eric. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I suspect that our lockdown will need to be longer than the inital period too. The effect is unlikely to be clear at three weeks. I can hardly believe that we are living in such odd times. I hear that Peter DL2FI has passed away, not sure if that’s related? He co-ran the QRP Project webstore. https://www.qrpproject.de/UK/indexuk.html

The latest estimate, according to some professor on Sky News, is between three and six months.

Walt (G3NYY)


This is sadly true. He was very sick for a long time.

73 Armin

If Peter was sick for “A long time”, it likely isn’t virus related, although I suppose that could have been added on top of whatever else he had.

The official word nationally yesterday is that we now need to hang on now until the end of April. As we have gone to an abbreviated work schedule, we are at minimum crew (only 4 in the control room) and we do 4 x 12-hour shifts and 8 days off. So for April I will only work 5 nights and 4 days. The rest of the time we are expected to stay home.

I’m a retired soldier, and I have lived in places where being prepared to be on your own for quite a while was expected. My only problem is that I am likely to run out of JEEP parts before this is over. But it is a great opportunity to catch up on all the little chores you always seem to put off. So make use of your time. Try to accomplish something every day.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Vy73 – Mike – KD5KC – El Paso, TX.

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Much can change in two days. I live in SoCal and they finally closed the beaches, and State Parks, discouraging use of trails and such. This is expected to be a surge period over the next 10 days or so.

As to toilet paper, tough to get even during the senior shopping hour when the stores first open.

We shall soon be obliged to use what the Ancient Romans used … a sponge on the end of a stick!
But hey - that’s more environmentally friendly than toilet paper.

Walt (G3NYY)

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Everyone in S. Korea and Japan with their Techno-Toilets is laughing at us in the so-called “Technologically advanced West”.

Perhaps some are Laughing Out even Louder in the North…

No shortages in Sainsbury’s today!

After weeks of winter flooding our lawn turned to moss. The toilet roll hoarding has stopped and the supermarket shelves are restocked so I guess I won’t need to use the alternative after all.

Yes! Same here - TP seems to be readily available at the supermarket nearest my house. They do have a ‘1 package per customer’ sign up.

I need a T-shirt: “I survived the great TP Famine of 2020, and had to buy this shirt since I’ve wiped with all the others”



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