Apologies from G/NP-028 30 March

Apologies to all those who tried chasing me on G/NP-028 - Rumbald’s Moor on Thursday 30th March

I’d just bagged 18 CW QSOs on 7mhz before calling CQ in vain.

I QSY’d to 14mhz and had just got going with 6 QS0s when I had to close down…Although I was well sheltered by large boulders and by a large umbrella from the sometimes heavy showers , my Venus SW-3B started cutting out and sending QSD. I had to close down then.

Its done it once before so it obviously does not like damp/wet weather

My last QSO was DL4FDM @ approx 1540 utc.

David M6GYU/P

I know how it feels! :wink:

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I actually had to look up QSD … "is my keying defective? I think that applies to every CW activation I’ve done. Good job I don’t own a SW3B. :wink:


You’ve worked me a few times Gerald - Your morse & operating has always been fine by me. Its people who can’t send their own call properly that cause problems for me.

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Well I prefer a straight key which with the gradual onset of arthritis can make things a bit erratic at times. Thankfully not usually in the callsign department, though the temptation to sign GM4OIG from home after a few days activating in Scotland is very real. :joy: