Another Challenge Activation Report

A four-summit weekend (should have been five!) in GW/NW

Loads more pictures on my blog:

Four out of Five

Thanks everybody.

[Moelwyn Mawr and Allt Fawr tracks uploaded to the mapping project]


Two summits in the Forest of Bowland

The band was pretty dead, but with the help of people QSYing from 2m I was able to accumulate a reasonable looking 10-m log.

Longridge Fell

Fair Snape Fell

(Actually a view of Parlick)

Full report on my blog:
Two Bowland Fells

Thanks everybody.

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Over the weekend I activated four summits in GW/NW:

Arenig Double – and Two Tiddlers

[Actually this is Arenig Fach, where Allan, GW4VPX, was activating]

Thanks everybody.



Works now

Thanks Steve.

Good stuff Simon. You’re certainly piling on the Challenge multipliers, and getting some proper mountain hiking in along the way. NW-011/018 is a classic circuit. 071 is trivial and 076 is pretty bobbins really. They all count though.

Hoping to do five tomorrow, but nothing much happening on 10/6 lately, and I’ve got an intermittent in the T-bar connector for the Tracer 16Ah LiFePO4 pack. Fingers crossed it can hold out for approximately 8 more activations until we get back to G-land.

Thank you Tom.

On my way southwards yesterday I picked up another trivial one:

Walton Hill - nice though.

I hope to do a few of the Dorset summits over the coming week.

[I hope the battery holds out. Don’t expect I’ll be able to work you on 10m from down here though.]

My easy summit for today:

Win Green - Four Bands, Six Antennas, One Point

Easy to access - not so easy to get the activator point!

I tried listening for several 10-m activations today, both /P and /A - zilch.

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Swyre Head - The Taste of Coax’


[Nine Barrow Down - An Evening with the Ancestors][1]

Pretentious title maybe, but it’s an atmospheric spot. :blush:

Great to make it to ZD7!!

Thanks everybody.

Poole in the dark from across Poole Harbour:

[1]: G4TJC: Nine Barrow Down


Damn you Simon! I heard ZD7FT on 10m my first activation after the 6/10 challenge started and didn’t get to work him. I think I might need to gerrymander the database scoring now! :wink:

I’ve got an intermittent in the T-bar connector for the Tracer 16Ah LiFePO4 pack…

And I still have. With some pressure applied to the cable, in the direction of the T-bar connector, then it works. Release that pressure and it cuts out again. I got through the rest of the activations in GI by balancing the battery pack on one of its edges so it was leaning down on the T-bar and therefore applying that pressure on the cable up into it. Far from an ideal arrangement, but it got me through the remainder of my GI activations.

Back at home I opened up the T-bar. There were no obvious breaks or weak spots, so I’ll have to check this more thoroughly with a multimeter. This T-bar connector/lead was a replacement sent as a courtesy by the manufacturer after a seemingly identical issue with the original. I also opened up the original and the breakage there was quite obvious. I fixed this and put the connector housing back together, and used it successfully on my activation of The Cloud G/SP-015 last night.

10 and 6 have been a bit tricky today. But it’s not been completely closed to southern Europe. I heard EA2LU a lunch time, and some more southern voices this evening. Not strong enough to make a QSO though. I even heard Brazil again this evening.

Both activations I made it through to locals QSYing from 2m. I would have logged another from a local club station only I omitted to connect the antenna when swapping over!

More pictures to follow. More activations tomorrow, subject to WX. For sure Mynydd Machen in the evening.

73, Simon

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Mynydd y Glyn was a bit of a struggle. I started late due to a blown tyre (from a pothole). No copy from MW6TJC/M in Cardiff. Struggled for 4 but got the point and the multiplier in the end.
Had to cancel second summit- sitting in tyre garage!

With the tyre fixed I was headed for Mynydd Machen. My wife (driving) was extremely unimpressed by the road I directed her down - even bigger potholes! Didn’t break it this time. Made the point and multiplier with 2m and 6m. Planning Garth Hill for tomorrow morning, before heading to GW/NW.

Very glad to meet Phil, G4OBK, and Geoff, 2E0NON, on Garth Hill this morning.

Got the Challenge multiplier and a couple of fresh calls (I think) despite a flat battery shutting down MW6TJC/M on 6m. Log book still soggy!


Blog entry for my GW/SW activations is now here:

South Wales - Five Single-Point Summits

A wet one today:

[Onto the Dark Peak][1]

Thanks everyone!
[1]: G4TJC: Kinder Scout 2015


Excellent blog. I must get mine back up to date. 10m was lots of fun today with plenty of nice DX. Looks like I was luckier than you with the weather. It remained largely dry on The Cloud, and no mist either. It was rather cold, but I reversed that by getting inside my bothy bag. I didn’t need it to keep dry, but it was nice to “keep warm”.

[Translation: “keep warm” = keep less cold]

My activation report is in the “Any ISWL members?” thread.

Foel Fenlli, Moel Famau and then an early morning start for Yr Aran:

Dawn TIll Dusk

Thanks everybody.


A chance encounter with Tom…

10m from Black Hill

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