Andy N4LAG is a new W4C goat.

On Aug 27, 2020 Andy Goss N4LAG was miraculously transformed into a goat. It’s rare, but it happens. Congratulations Andy. The W4C herd keeps growing.


Congratulations Andy… That is hard work!

Congratulations Andy and thanks for all the activations.
73, Charlie - KØLAF

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Congratulations on making MG status. You’re in my log a lot and hope to work you again many more times.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats on MG, Andy!

73 Paula k9ir

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Congrats, Andy, and thank you for the activations and QSOs.
Always a pleasure to chase you, I’ll be looking forward to chasing you many times.
73 from accross the Pond,


Congratulations. Glad to have you in my limited chaser log :+1:

Congratulations Andy, I am happy to collaborate with my chases. Very good signals in IM87EC from your kx3 and its Silver Tip 20m.

Congratulations, Andy!

Gary W5GDW

Congrats Andy and thanks for the friendship.

Lanny W5BOS

Congratulations, Andy!

Thanks for all the contacts and hope to have many more.

73, Walt

Congratulations Andy on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Andy!
Nice accomplishment ! I’m glad I could work you on your Goat Activation.
Gary K3TCU


Hearty Congrats Andy

Wow - you were on a tear of late. You were really determined. Glad to have chased you twice on your MG activation.

Ariel NY4G

Whooo! Congrats Andy @N4LAG !!!

Congratulations Andy! Always great to chase you, and I hope we get another opportunity for a joint activation, either here in Arizona again or there in the East!

Keith KR7RK

Congratulations Andy and thank you for the many SOTA contacts! Bob AC1Z

Welcome to the herd…

Great job Andy tnx for all the summits Bud-W8BUD