Amazing OK winter trip in one day

Hi all,
Waouhh Jan OK2PDT/P
Starting earlier in my log :
08:28 OK/JC-059 > JN79oc
09:57 OK/JC-061 > JN79nb
11:07 OK/JC-125 > JN79nb
12:20 OK/JC-123 > JN79oa
13:27 OK/JC-124 > JN79pa
14:20 OK/JC-064 > JN79pb
all new one for me and missed :
OK/JC-065 > JN78ox arround 15:45 :frowning:
Congratulations Jan

Eric F5JKK

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Yes Eric - I missed one also, my own fault. It was OK/JC-064 I missed :sleeping: power napping after lunch due to late night DXing in the middle of the night… (I take the siesta example from Guru EA2IF)…

You call always count on Jan to put on a good show!

73 Phil

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Hi Phil
I like to take a nap too! but for the last summit I was cutting wood for the chimney :slight_smile:
Hoping on many days like this :+1:
73 Eric

Yes Eric more points coming your way if you are home in early May - I hope to emulate the contest style operating and give out the points myself… I am in Czech 1st May for 7 days with GI4ONL again. We are OK8CDX and OK8VM. Mainly OK/VY region summits with some ST, JC and PA region also - using mainly CW and also SSB.

73 Phil

I wish I could have a brief nap after lunch, but with so much daily SOTA on the bands, I can’t :scream:
See what I’ve chased today in my lunch break time instead of having a repairing siesta…

By the way, very congrats for all those new ones.



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You can take your siesta on summit :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for QSO. + 73 Roger

I found doing 5 in a day in October was challenging and was starting to run out of daylight. OK I was soft and having breakfast in the hotel and skipping breakfast would have gained me an hour more. Doing 7 in a day at this time of year is good going. Especially as I had nice sunny WX and no possibility of snow or ice etc.

What limits me is that the 3rd time in a day I have to set up the antenna is when I begin to lose the will to live. The joy of taking down and packing for the 5th time knowing that you wont be doing it for at least 12hrs is the joy of real multi-summit activation!

Well done Jan.

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Hi all
I think Jan will do the same today :slight_smile:
He started earlier today :
07:53 OK/JC-057 > JN79qd
09:36 OK/VY-017 > JN79sh
… else to follow surely :wink:
73 Eric

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Yes Eric - Jan is out again. I missed him on his first summit OK/JC-057 as I stayed in bed until 0800 today. He’s operating in the area where I am going in May.

73 Phil

It’s a good new Phil, follow your marathon next May you and Victor :wink: Last year you had spoiled us!
Andy’s walk was not bad either :+1:

73 Eric

There’s a report and photos if you have not seen it Eric.

Oh my . . . I’m looking forward to my own retirement to be able to miss SOTA because of a power nap! :sunglasses:

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Hi Andy ! yes seen your report on “activation reports” but can’t find your logs on SMP ? Just to confirm how many worked (I’m working only new one and sometime I give points).

Use the DB, it works better!