Am i alone with this or not?

I got some money for my birthday recently and decided to spend it on getting a LIFEpo4 battery pack from hobbyking as it will be considerably lighter than the 12AH SLAB i carry at the moment.

Upon telling my XYL what i was spending my birthday money on she said I was weird that for my birtday i essentially got a battery.

I did tell her it wasn’t any old battery but a Lithium iron Phosphate battery but she still didn’t see it as normal??

I thought it was completely normal personally hihi.



There’s now’t as queer as folk, or so they say up north. Tell her you want to keep that poor bunny going as long as possible! :smile:



Know the feeling so. :unamused:
Some other half,s just plainly DON’T understand.
Let alone want too. :confounded:

Other half getting excited about the part solar eclipse going on here on 20th March. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But am more excited about awaiting the event to happen and and will be working 80m during the event as the D layer may dissipate enough to allow some traffic to travel, rather like an days extra grey line.
Hopefully some will be Sotas, sorry won’t be one of them due to my portable antenna won’t work on 80m.

All I got was a blank look. :neutral_face:
Not even bother trying to explain where the D layer does and in issue with low bands propagation etc during day light hours. Let alone Grey line propagation. :sleeping:



Given that some women (and men?) would seem to relish something like this for a present you appear entirely sane and sensible to me.


Hi Anthony

I used my birthday money to buy another Marconi TF144H/4 (No. 3 in my collection… you know… just in case I need spares…) My XYL would have been delighted if I’d gone for something as small and mundane as a new LiFePO4 battery :wink:

73 de Paul G4MD

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My first pair of LiPo s was a present from XYL. However, she is M6, so has a better feel for the value of the present than most :smile:



Oh umm…not sure why women are called xyl - perhaps, I am not sure, someone will tell me, some clever dick. I do not see what is different - eg. one person likes collecting stamps, the partner does not understand the interest. So if the stamp collector want to spend x£$Eu they may regard this as a waste by the partner. It happens all the time. But then the opposing/disinterested partner has the advantage - well you spent xxx on that - I would like to get this etc. etc. :sunglasses:

Without women you would not be here!

Night night

YL = Young Lady, XYL = Ex Young Lady ie Wife/Partner


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hehehe I didn’t know that!! LOL

Item more, in spanish, sons and daughters are known as “espiras” (coil turns)

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Kaixo Mikel,

As far as I know:

“Espiras” = means age…59 “espiras” (coil turns) = 59 years old (this writter’s age…HI HI)
“Armonicos” = (Harmonics)…means sons/daughters.
Maybe is different there up in the North?


Good thinking, Karl! Yes, during the last solar eclipse a few years ago I worked several SP, OK and OE stations on 80m in the middle of the day. The opening lasted for about 25 minutes. Hoping to do the same again this time. As you say, it would be nice to catch some SOTA activity on 80m during the eclipse.

As the area of “totality” is going to pass to the north of the UK on this occasion, we may hear some Scandinavian stations.

Good luck,
Walt (G3NYY)

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Should prove interesting for sure even down here were looking at part 70 to 80% of the eclipse.


Children are sometimes referred to as ‘Sproggies’ or ‘Harmonics’. :wink:

You are right, perhaps too coil turns turned off my memory… :wink: