Allan GW4VPX - Gold s2s award

On our recent LD trip - Allan became the first ever GW activator to attain the 2500 points for the Gold award.

Welcome to a very small ‘club’ - only three Brits so far!

Well done.



Well done and congratulations Allan.
73 Don G0RQL.

Well done indeed Allan :grinning:
All the best.

Well done Allan.
Many congratulations. Very sorry not to have made any contacts this time.


Well done Allan, It was good timing on NW-001 <-> LD-007.


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Congratulations on an excellent achievement Allan. As I generally operate 10MHz and higher frequencies, I probably don’t feature in your S2S logs, but it is always a pleasure to speak to you from the home QTH.

73, Gerald G4OIG

A very well done to Allan.
Cheers Ken

Great stuff! Congratulations Allan


Well done Allan. Looking forward to sharing lots more S2S points with you!

Many congratulations Allan and many thanks for the frequent s2s - especially those on 70cm as I know you carry the kit specially to help me qualify. Looking forward to many more.

Viki M6BWA

Thanks everybody for the kind words. This had been a target for me from those very first SOTA summits as at that time I never thought that MG was achievable, however, that also seems to be edging closer with every activation although I can forsee another cold ‘winter bonus’ session looming :smile:

A really big thank you to all those Activators who made it possible some even ‘hanging around’ on summit to give me the points and to the Chasers for all those s2s ‘heads up’…you know who you are but just too many to mention. Must try and catch up with M0IML now :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

PS…Blog for Red Screes is up first of 5 LD activation reports.

Well done Allan! Geoff & I were really chuffed to get the S2S contacts with you and Barry over the past few days.


Now that ain’t easy well done that man :fireworks:


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Very well done Allan, excellent achievement.

73 Mick M0MDA

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Congratulations Allan!! Lot’s of summit time for that one and perseverance! Well done.

(Thanks Barry for putting this on)

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Thank you Nick.

We couldn’t believe our luck when we heard you calling whilst we were on Red Screes and then those other s2s were the ‘icing on the cake’. Well done both of you and I’m looking forward to a contact when you are up in LD in a few weeks time.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Congratulations Allan

A terrific achievement and thanks for the three GW S2S contacts in Sep/Oct 2014.
Good luck with the next 2500 S2S points. :slight_smile:

Andrew, VK1NAM

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Well done Allan great achievement hope to speak soon


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Wow! What a great achievement Allan. Well done you.

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well done Allan !!

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