All the SB hills to do this week

Hi all just a quick note to let you know i plan to do all the SB hills this week (1 each day) starting today with SB-008 Long Cragg.
Only using 2.5 watts from my little ft-290 and a 3 ele beam so my signal might not be the strongest (having said that i have worked as far South as Torbay with this set up)

will post each activation the night before
73 Keith M1VHT

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Good luck Keith…I’m working so won’t be about during the day…Take it easy (carefully) on Shillhope Law!

Rob (G1TPO)

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Hi Keith

The SB’s are getting a bending this summer! I’m planning to be up there later this week, starting with Ros Hill this Friday afternoon and finishing with Sighty Crag the following Tuesday. Perhaps bump into you along the way, or at least manage an S2S or two :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping for decent weather,

73 de Paul G4MD

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Hi Again, managed to get Long cragg out of the way today and just about got my 4 contacts to activate this summit (6 in total all in FM mode)not a sausage on SSB but i knew it would be hard what with people being at work etc etc.
off to Ros hill tomorrow 73 Keith M1VHT

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Be aware that we are now into the grouse shooting season and from past experience there is usually a Saturday shoot one weekend in August on Tosson moor SB-007. I can’t find out which weekend is planned, but when ever it is, the gamekeepers - and there will be at least 3 can be quite stroppy.
73 Jim g0cqk

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Thanks for that info Jim, but tell me even if there is a shoot on the day i go onto Tosson hill there is nothing to stop me from walking up to the trig point is there??? after all it is now a public right of way…
cheers Keith M1VHT

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Don’t forget, flying lead doesn’t stop to talk about right of way issues…
Accidents do happen…


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I would recommend humouring them, after all it is for the shooting that the heather is kept short, and long wiry old heather stems are murder to tramp through - besides, nearby gunfire isn’t the best background for a QSO!


Brian G8ADD

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It is worth bearing in mind that a Public Right of Way is just that; a right of way - it does not automatically confer any rights to stop and set up a radio station. Both Public Rights of Way and Access Land can be temporarily closed - although very strict criteria apply.

That being said I tend to take Brian’s line. If landowners want to use their land for shooting on the odd day of the year, I can come back later. After all, they manage the land to our mutual benefit.



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Yep guess your all right i will make sure i am not on Tosson Hill on a saturday
for the time being
off to activate ros hil

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Many thanks for the info Jim

Fortunately Tosson falls on Sunday in my itinerary so hopefully will miss any excitement :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD

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Hi all just returned from Ros Hill (the weather was very very poor with heavy rain) but i did manage 5 contacts before closing down and making my way back to the car.
Shilhope law tomorrow with a bit of luck
73 Keith M1VHT

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I don’t see alerts for Sunday from you guys yet. I’m just wondering what either of you have planned for Sunday coming? I’ve only done The Cheviot in SB land so far.


Are you sniffing for a joint activation invite Andy?



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Maybe yes, maybe no! There’s a few SS summits down there I can bag which would make some S2S possible for VHF activators in SB. Or maybe wander up a summit with someone. The issue is SB is a fair way away for me down some grotty roads.

It may make sense to cross paths with someone activating several summits in the area rather than plan a joint walk up. Depends on the WX, what others are planning and if I can get out etc. I wouldn’t want to be out today… lead skies touching the ground. Or heavy rain. Or both at the same time. Festival season in in Scotland :slight_smile:


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Andy/Tom my plans are shilhope law tomorrow (WED) Tosson hill Thursday,day off friday Sat the Cheviot,Sunday Housedon hill.
then peel fell the following Tuesday.
let me know if you are about for a S2S
cheers Keith

Hi Keith,

When will you be activating Sighty Crag G/SB-005?

Jimmy M3EYP

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Hi Jimmy sighty crag SB005 would be a new one for me,need to get in contact with Jim G0CQK and get some information for that one.
However i will try to get it activated before the end of the month
will keep you in the loop Jimmy
73 Keith M1VHT

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Hi Andy,all

My itinerary is:

Friday 19th - SB-009 (evening, subject to timely escape from work…)

Saturday 20th - SB-010, SB-001

Sunday 21st - SB-008, SB-007

Monday 22nd - SB-006, SB-004

Tuesday 23rd - SB-005

Dependant on weather, legs continuing to work etc… Will post alerts later but they will be somewhat provisional :wink:

73 de Paul G4MD

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Hi Paul your a fitter man than me doing 2 a day not sure where your home QTH is but it kind of makes sense to do the Cheviot and Housedon hill when your in that area
I was planning to do Cheviot one day over the weekend but i guess now it will be Sunday LOL
Good luck
Keith M1VHT