All the SB hills to do this week

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Hi Paul your a fitter man than me doing 2 a day

I doubt it Keith, I’m the original lardbucket which is why the timings will be highly provisional - especially towards the end of the expedition!

not sure where your home QTH is but it kind of makes sense to do the Cheviot >and Housedon hill when your in that area

Home QTH is the wrong side of Birmingham, so it makes sense to do the whole lot while I’m up there :slight_smile:

I was planning to do Cheviot one day over the weekend but i guess now
it will be Sunday LOL

Don’t worry about me, if you want to do The Cheviot on Saturday I’ll be doing HF so if you’re on VHF our target audience shouldn’t overlap too much! (Although most chasers seem more than happy to work the same summit on the same day on several bands, bless them!)

Good luck

Same to you, still hoping for at least one S2S!

73 de Paul G4MD

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Hi Paul, no ill do the Cheviot on sunday just checked the weekend forecast and if their righ then Sunday is the better day.
i will listen out for you for a s2s
cheers Keith M1VHT

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I may do Long Crag on Saturday…wx permitting, 2m SSB/FM only…

Will post an Alert a couple of hours before activation…if I’m going!!

(added 14.30 local …didn’t go…family commitments!)

Rob (G1TPO)

Mission accomplished! Many thanks to all the chasers who followed me around :slight_smile:

Sighty Crag was the one that nearly got away - when I arrived at The Flatt this morning the forest entrance was barred and festooned in No Unauthorised Access signs. They are rebuilding the main track through the forest and to attempt to traverse the 4km linear construction site whilst the heavy plant being used was operating would certainly be foolhardy. Fortunately there was no sign of activity today, and a call to Scottish Woodlands eventually secured permission to enter. Apologies for being late on parade, but I did at least get there in the end…

73 de Paul G4MD

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It was a real pleasure to work you over the weekend on two summits Paul, but work prevented any further chasing from me.

60m worked very well for me from G/SB-008 & G/SB-007 but 80m was very poor here, although I did hear Frank G3RMD working you on 3.666 at some point, which I was very impressed by given the distance involved!

Thanks for the points & hope to work you again very soon.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Very good to work you too Mark, always a pleasure. Sadly work has also been keeping me off the hills of late :frowning:

Three stations worked me on all eight summits - G0RQL, M0COP and G8ADD - close behind were G3RMD, G0TRB, G1OHH and G0TDM with seven. Many thanks for your persistence! Twelve contacts mentioned that the particular chases were unique summits for them, which was very pleasing.

Frank G3RMD’s signals on 80m were amazing, generally being 58/59 despite the fact that the sky should not have been working. In fact 80m produced a decent crop of contacts on several of the summits - always worth a try whatever the theory says!

73 de Paul G4MD

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Many congratulations Paul on a brilliant achievement. A truly superb effort which I tracked via Spotslite from SV5 while at a significantly lower altitude…

73, Gerald G4OIG