All 333 G&GW summits activated in 16 months: M0RWX

After activating all 174 SOTA summits in England (G), the entire GW/SW region as well as all but one of the higher point summits in GW during the 2022 calendar year, my next focus was to activate the remaining summits in Wales.

Although I wrote most of this report some time ago, I never published it. Some people queried why, so here it is, albeit somewhat late and quite long…

The key in activating and qualifying all of Wales was being able to activate Upper Park GW/MW-032 a private working estate where approval had previously only been granted by exception on a very limited basis.
I was grateful to be part of the group for the pre-arranged/approved activation (described in several posts on the reflector). However, since this was not planned until April 2, it allowed me to revisit some summits and gain some winter bonus points.

With the April 2 date coming ever closer, I set myself the goal to activate the remaining 37 Welsh summits in the next 30 days.

This meant 6 return journeys with 13 days of activating during April with the final activation of Mynydd Enlli GW/NW-072 requiring a boat trip to the island just off the coast of the Llyn Peninsula on May Day Bank Holiday.

The weather on that last day was absolutely glorious.

The perfect way to round off activating every Welsh summit and with it successfully activating and qualifying all 333 G&GW SOTA Summits - at least once - in 16 months.

Equipment used:

  • Transceiver: Lab599 TX-500 transceiver
  • Battery: Zippy 4200 mAh LifePo
  • Antenna: SOTABeams 40/20m linked dipole
  • Pole: Lakeside-1 Travel 600 small telescopic + ground stake


  • Transceiver: FT-65E
  • Antenna: Roll-up Slim Jim (Nelson Antennas)
  • Pole: Spirit of the Air: 4 mtr

VHF only activation:

  • Transceiver: FT-1500 for 2m FM only
  • Battery: Zippy 8200 mAh LifePo
  • Antenna: Ladderline Slim Jim (N9TAX)
  • Pole: SOTABeams Tactical Mini

Logbook: Rite in the Rain 6x4
GPS: iPhone 11 Pro Max w/ OS Maps app & Outdoor GPS app
Backup GPS: Garmin Etrex 30 with OS GB maps
Physical Maps: OS ExplorerActive - OL Series (Laminated)
Compass: Suuntu M-3 NH
Sitmat: WWAGO

Backup comms: VX-6 + Diamond RH770

Day 1 (April 2, 2023): 5 activations

After successfully activating Upper Park (GW/MW-032) as part of the group activation, I made my way to Y Golfa (GW/NW-061), where the summit is literally on a Golf Course. I made my way up the elevated section next to the Trig Point overlooking the fairways whilst making a six S2S calls with some of the activators who were still at Upper Park: Rod @M0JLA, Viki @M6BWA, Ben @GW4BML, Neil @G0WPO, and Allan @GW4VPX

(Overlooking the Golf Course on the way to the summit of GW/NW-061)

The next activation took me to the location of an Iron Age Hillfort at Long Mountain-Beacon Ring GW/MW-026 and the landscape features makes this quite obvious. My operating position was at the edge near a bench with great views across the Severn Valley where I had a S2S with both Dave @M0JKS and martin @2E0BIA. When I packed up, I also met Neil G0WPO, who was also part of the Upper Park group earlier, who had set up near the trig point on the other side.

North East of the Town of Welshpool is a prominent feature that is easily spotted from the road, Moel y Golfa GW/MW-027; not a Golf Course this time, but a nice walk through woodland with several layers of elevation.
Again, at the end of my activation I met up with Neil who arrived just as I was leaving.

My last activation of the day was Stingwern Hill GW/MW-030. After parking up near the gate on the opposite side of the road, I was initially unable to find the gap in the hedge signifying the start of the initially steep walk up to the AZ.

Day 2 (April 7, 2023): 3 activations

After parking up by the side of the triangle at the start of the farm track for Mynydd-y-briw GW/NW-060, it was a straightforward walk up into the Activation Zone. Tied my pole onto the fence and made contact on 2mFM and 40m SSB including two S2S with Martin 2E0BIA and Angela 2E0LND.

Having parked up and passing the cow stalls, I followed the footpath up towards Allt y Main GW/NW-059 and somehow got the feeling that the land-owner doesn’t like the path to be used as a post was driven into the group to limit the gate opening; I just managed to squeeze through with my backpack.
After arriving at the relatively narrow ridge - a route used by walkers and mountain bikers - I set up at the bench and enjoyed the sunshine operating including a S2S contact with Viki M6BWA …

The last activation of the day brought me to Tros Y Bryn, a Camp Farm with some nice holiday cottages. I drove up and parked up next to some holiday makers who had just arrived by bike. I made may way past the main cottages and up into farmland into the direction of Caeliber Isaf GW/MW-031, through some woodland and up the other side where I set-up near a newly erected fence where I operated on 40 & 20m SSB before packing up.

Day 3 (April 8, 2023): 4 activations

When I arrived at Bwlch y Gle car park to start my walk to GW/MW-018 (Bryn y Fan) , there were already some dog walkers coming back from their early morning walk. It was fresh, but the sun was out which made for a pleasant walk up to the Activation Zone on a decent track, where I used the Trig Point as my desk. I had great views onto Clywedog Reservoir and as a bonus, even made contact with VK5PAS.

A few kilometres North-East of Clatter, I parked up at the side of the road for Garreg-hir GW/MW-017 where there is space for approximately 4 cars. It was quite hot as I made my way up in open farmland but the wind had picked up, so when I arrived at the top of the ridge near the trig point I used some boulders as a wind shield and was appreciative of the six S2S contacts with Markus IN3ADF, Beppe I1WKN, Fabio IK2LEY, Stephan HB9EAJ, Martin 2E0BIA and Richard M1HAX.

When I checked Google Maps for a parking position for Bryn Amlwg GW/MW-015 , it only showed street view as far as the start of Carno Windfarm; however, the dusty tarmac/gravel service road extends much further. Some service vehicles went past so I decided to follow and park up at a lay-by not far from the start of the track. After passing a fixer-upper, a motor bike passed me as I joined the main road network linking the various wind turbines. I set up on the side of the road in the Activation Zone with the sun beating down on me and made a S2S contact with Ben GW4BML who was operating in NI.

I found Esgair Ddu GW/MW-020 quite a challenge. Perhaps that’s the reason it’s the least activated summit in Mid Wales. The start of the walk is very nice, initially crossing the stream and slowly making your way up flanked by some peaceful scenery. At the back of a discarded farm building the terrain changed as I made my way up to higher ground via a relatively steep ascent. I finally made it into the Activation Zone and set up at the fence. I made contact with Phil (@G4OBK) on 40m SSB, whose blog post I had read in preparation for the activation. I did follow the recommendation and circumnavigated the wet boggy marshland on the way back to the car.

Day 4 (April 9, 2023): 4 activations

Mynydd Cwmcelli GW/NW-052 was the first of three activations today. I parked at the side of the wide entrance near the metal gate before entering Dovey Forest. A nice walk before reaching the ridge and then onto the summit which I could see in the distance. I had to perform an emergency repair to my linked dipole and there was just enough space for it on the top where I used the large Trig Point as my desk.

I was very lucky someone just left as I arrived at Coed y Groes Car Park for Foel Offrwm GW/NW-055 as it was very busy with a long row of cars parked along the entrance road. A ranger was taking pictures and mentioned he had never seen it this busy. I booted up and made my way up onto the path on the opposite side of the road. It didn’t take long to reach the summit with is situated on the site of an old age hill fort.
The wind had picked up at the summit but luckily there was plenty of shelter and made a S2S contact with Gerald @MW0WML who was on Rhobell Fawr.

The last activation took me to the parking spot near Gellilwyd Fawr for Craig y Castell GW/NW-074 as described in Phil’s blog post.; just big enough to reverse a single car into.
A nice walk brought me gradually to higher ground. As I gained height, I could see I was in between two mountain ranges with Y Garn to the North and Cadair Idris to the South of me. As I got into the Activation Zone, I noticed a large open space between some large clusters of rock which was where I set up for an enjoyable activation and made two S2S contacts; Fraser MM0EFI on GM/ES-039 The Buck and Rich 2W0LWF who was operating from GW/NW-070 Great Orme - Y Gogarth.

Day 5 (April 13, 2023): 2 activations

A later than planned start for a one-day return trip to Mid Wales brought me to Bwlch Y Rhiw where I parked just off the fork in the road for Crugiau Merched GW/MW-021. I passed the chapel which was built in 1717, renovated in 1867 and rebuilt in 1906, went around the back of the house starting my ascent along the farm track. It was another sunny day but I felt the wind picking up the higher I got. Instead of setting up near the Trig Point, I went a bit further and used the large pile of stones which at some stage must have formed a shelter of sorts, to shield from the wind.

I operated on 40m & 20m SSB as well as 2m FM which included two S2S contacts with Reiner EA4HIH and Matthew M0JSB.

The second one of the day, Pen y Garn-goch GW/MW-016 brought me to a quite single track road where I parked at the entrance of a closed off service track. I made sure I left sufficient space for a vehicle to pass but judging by the mossy road, not much traffic had used the track recently.

The sun was still out and I made good progress following the main track into the wooded area and quickly arrived at the last part of the track before heading into the clearing, a large site with three conjoined round barrows dating back to the Bronze Age. I set up away from the trig point which was located near the edge of the clearing. I put a call out on 2m FM but there were no takers, so I operated on 40 and 20m SSB and made a S2S contact with Jordan M3TMX who was in Devon.

I headed home for a long return journey but with another two ticked off the list, but would return 2 days later.

Day 6 (April 15, 2023): 3 activations

The first of three activations along the B4405, North-East of Tywyn, was Ffridd Cocyn GW/NW-063 where I parked up just outside Woodlands Holiday Park. I walked up to the top and back around the wooded area and then onto open fields up to the Activation Zone.
I operated on 2m FM and 40/20m SSB including two S2Ss: Gerald MW0WML and Dave M0JKS.

The second activation of the day was GW/NW-065 (Gamallt) which turned out to be one of the toughest 1 pointers. I parked up in the little parking area in Abergynolwyn, walked south-west, crossed the road started my walk. I was struggling to find the path up and came to the conclusion that there wasn’t really one, just a steep start of the seemingly never ending climb to the summit. Since it is quite steep in places, you are never able to see far ahead and after some respite, another steep portion of the climb starts. I finally arrived in the AZ and sat myself down onto the soft heather against the fence, only to land on a discarded empty water bottle which must have been there a few years. I disposed of it when I got back to the car.

I operated on 40m only and made 3 S3S contacts with Rich 2W0LWF, Esther GI0AZA & Ian GI0AZB.

I nearly failed to qualify the final summit of the day Foel Cae’rberllan GW/NW-057 were it not for the assistance of a regular chaser.
After parking up at Mary Jones’ Chapel, also marked on some maps as St. Michael’s Church, I made my way up. The walk started quite steep but eased later on.
When I arrived at the summit I did not have a phone signal. I called CQ on 40m on the off-change and surprisingly made contact with a local portable station who unfortunately was unable to spot me on the SOTA network.
After calling some more and still no phone signal I decided to call on 2m FM. To my relief , Bruce @GW4XXF answered the call; not only that, he was able to spot me on 40m where I made another further seven additional contacts.
After the ordeal, Bruce kindly invited me to his QTH for a coffee which I gratefully accepted. I also got a tour of his impressive shack with is furnished with many pieces of Marconi nautical and naval communications equipment from his time as Marconi Marine Merchant Navy Radio Officer. Thanks again Bruce!

Day 7 (April 16, 2023): 2 activations

I was still quite tired from the previous day’s efforts. It was raining, so delayed my start of Moel-y-gest GW/NW-067 hoping the rain would stop. It did to some extent, but looking in the direction of the summit, I knew I would be ascending in the mist.
The walk to the summit was straightforward, albeit slow and I set up away from the Trig Point sheltering from the wind and fine rain behind a rocky outcrop.

I operated on 40m only including a S2S with Alwyn GI0BFD who was on GI/SW-008 Pollnalaght and then made my way to the final one of this two day trip.

The only 2-pointer left was Moel-ddu GW/NW-045 and both points had to be earned. I parked up at a misty deserted parking place near the dam of the Llyn Cwmystradllyn reservoir and did not meet anyone during the long trek which took me nearly 2 hours.
My compass took ages to settle at times; very strange so I was pleased I was carrying digital and analog backups.
As I gained height, the mist became thicker - and to aid the return journey left some markers at key points - but every so often the mist would clear somewhat to show a glimpse of a hill in the distance, only to find out a bit later, ‘it was not the hill I was looking for’…
I took my time, taking a bearing at regular intervals, always making sure I knew where the reservoir was in relation to my position; just in case….

I finally made it and set up for 40m, made 8 contacts followed by one on 2m FM and started my return walk. I was pleased to finally see the reservoir and It was time to unpack my wet gear to dry out during the long drive back home.

Day 8 (April 22, 2023): 4 activations

For the first activation that day, Hope Mountain GW/NW-062, I parked up on the verge near the entrance of the farm and have a brief chat before making the short walk up to the summit.
The Trig Point came in view quite quickly but used the fence to attach my pole onto and made 24 contacts including a S2S with Darius M0KCB who was on GW/NW-043 Cyrn-y-Brain.
Not the most inspiring summit but they all count.

For the next summit, Moel Gyw GW/NW-053, I parked at the side of the road on the A494 - with space for a couple of cars - just before the Moel Gyw Car Park which I was told now charges for parking.
I really enjoyed the walk up to the summit and was met by cows, sheep and loads of walkers.
I had a chat with several walkers about what I was doing and shared my usual story about the energy of a 60w lightbulb vs my 10W and a bit of wire to speak with people across Europe (and beyond).

A very nice summit to visit for a relaxing summer’s walk where I made 35 contacts on 40/20m SSB and 2m FM including seven S2S with Jordan M3TMX (2m FM & 40m SSB ,Nick G4OOE, Dave M0JKS, Martin 2E0BIA, Kevin MW0KXN and Darius M0KCB.

As I arrived at the parking spot for Penycloddiau GW/NW-054, rain threatened.
As I approached the summit I noticed someone had erected a mast. As I walked over, I noticed it was Roger (MW0IDX) operating CW and we had a brief chat before I set up for 2m FM only and made 12 contacts including four S2S QSOs with Pete MW0PJE , Dave M0JKS, Martin 2E0BIA and Tom M1EYP. Not long after I finished, it started to rain. I shouted across and waved goodbye to Roger who was quickly disassembling his mast as the rain came down and I walked back to the car.

(Roger MW0IDX can just be seen on the RHS collapsing his pole)

I used the wide entrance near the closed metal gate to park for Mynydd y Cwm GW/NW-076. I made the turn towards the summit too soon and was clambering over fallen and chopped down tree remnants. As I arrived near the Activation Zone, I noted backpacks and items of clothing of some Mountain bikers very near to the memorial for crew of the Halifax C VII G-AIHU who crashed here on December 5, 1947.
I operated with the handheld and my Diamond RH7700 on 2m FM only and made 7 contacts of which 3 S2S: Dave M0JKS, Martin 2E0BIA and Pete MW0PJE.
As I started my return, I found the much easier track back to the main path which I should have followed on the way up.

Day 9 (April 23, 2023): Blackpool Rally & 1 activation

This was the day of the Blackpool rally where I met up with many SOTA activators including the co- founders of the SOTA award programme, Richard G3CWI and John G3WGV.

I also did a stint at the SOTA stall and even managed to sell some SOTA related paraphernalia.

As the rally came to an end, I made my way westwards for my only activation that day of Mynydd Rhyd Ddu GW/NW-073.

Ample parking in the lay-by along the A494 to the East of the summit. I followed the initial track to the farm and then made my way up to higher ground which was difficult in places due to the loose soil created by the motor bikes using the tracks.
When I made it into open farmland, making progress was much easier and soon arrived at the Trig Point. I used the fence to attach my pole and operated on 40m & 20m SSB.

Day 10 (April 24, 2023): 3 activations

Today’s activations brought me to Anglesey. I made good progress onto the A55, parked up at the end of South Stack Road and start my ascent to Holyhead Mountain - Mynydd Twr GW/NW-069 with great view across the Atlantic. It was very windy at the summit, so took some shelter behind a low stone wall whilst my pole was tied up against the nearby bench. Contacts were hard to come by but I managed a S2S with Tom HB9EVF. There were some telecom towers nearby but luckily they did not interfere with my activation.

My drive further east brought me to the small parking spot just to the south of the summit of Mynydd Bodafon GW/NW-071. There was just the single car there and I passed the couple on the way up as they made their way down.
A very straightforward activation making 5 contacts on 2m FM.

The last activation of this trip brought me to the busiest spot, GW/NW-070 (Great Orme - Y Gogarth). After paying £3.80 for parking I walked up the bank and set up at the fence and operated on 2m FM only in sunny conditions before packing up and starting the 5 hour return journey.

Day 11 (April 29, 2023): 3 activations

The final and longest trip took place over the bank Holiday weekend.

The first activation of the 3-day trip brought me to the A498 between Nano Gwynant and Beddgelert not far from the parking for the start of the Watkins Path to activate one or all of Yr Arran, Snowdon and Y Lliwedd.
But this time it was on the other side of the A498 for Moel y Dyniewyd GW/NW-056.

I crossed the road and followed the track which initially passes lake Llyn Dinas. It is quite shallow around the edges of the lake and many families were taking advantage of the sunny hot weather by spending time in and around the lake. I took my time and enjoyed the surroundings and vistas as I gained height.

At the summit, I attached my pole to a nearby fence and sat down for a while enjoying a very nice view. This was somewhat spoiled by someone deciding to sit down approximately 10 metres in front of me straight in my line of sight. There was no-one else around and plenty of space to sit elsewhere, anywhere. I didn’t say anything and started my activation, putting the volume of my transceiver just that little louder which started off with a S2S with Dave M0JKS who was not that far away from me at Glyder Fawr.

I had a leisurely walk back to the car and made my way to the parking spot for my next activation.

I went further south into the Llyn Peninsula and parked up at start of the B4354 for Garn Boduan GW/NW-066.
It was still quite warm and walk to the top was a pleasant one on well defined paths.
As I arrived near the summit, which is situated on the site of an old Iron Age Hillfort, it became clear that some work had been done as lots of newish looking stones had been carefully placed to create a retaining wall of sorts.

I operated on 2m FM and made contact with Ben who was playing cricket on the beach.

It was getting late and arrived at the start of the last summit of the day. Parking was on a wide strip next to the road south of the summit of GW/NW-058 (Carn Fadryn).
The walk did not take long, and the views were very nice. As I came to the end of the activation I noticed some cloud inversion to the south. I sat for a while admiring the view before heading down.
Spoke again with Ben who was still playing cricket and we exchanged some video clips of our location.

Day 12 (April 30, 2023): 3 activations

It was a wet and misty start of the day. I parked up on the side of the road close to some farming machinery for Carneddol GW/NW-068.
I had to use my compass to make sure the short walk up brought me to the summit first time. I attached my pole to the wall and hid behind it shielding from the wind and rain.

Very little visibility so made my way back to the car and onto my second activation.

I arrived at my parking spot north of Rhiw near the communications tower for Mynydd Rhiw GW/NW-064. Visibility was still very poor and I did not meet anyone on my way to the summit which was situated on an elevated ridge. I had looked forward to the views across the sea, but unfortunately not today.

From the large parking area at Uwchmynydd for Mynydd Anelog GW/NW-077 I started my ascent initially following the road, then onto grassland and behind some holiday cottages. I used my backpack to hold the pole and operated on 2m FM only.

It was still misty but luckily the rain had stopped as I made my way back to the car. Back to the hotel and prepare my gear for the final day of the trip.

Day 13 (May 1, 2023): 1 activation

GW/NW-072 Mynydd Enlli

The sun was out as I made my way mid morning to the parking spot before walking to the pick-up point at the beach where a boat would take me and a small group of others to the island.
We received a bit of a guided tour during the 2 mile trip as the boat went slowly round the island where around 15,000 Manx Shearwaters come to nest each year. It was fascinating to see them in action in the water and on the rocks.
As we disembarked, I made my way straight to the summit and put up my HF antenna as well as my 2m FM antenna.

There were several visitors who came over to see what I was doing and as always, I took my time explaining what I was doing.
I was in no rush, only had a boat to catch later that afternoon, so took it leisurely, enjoying the view and every single QSO including three S2S contacts with Dave M0JKS, Colin GW1KGW and Marcin SQ9ITA.
It was great to speak to many of the regular chasers as well as fellow activators, which made the day even more special.

The weather of course helped tremendously; a very nice way to end the series and very pleased to be joining the small group of activators who have a activated all 333 G & GW summits.

As I got off the boat, I took a selfie and concluded that the sun shone bright on me that day in more ways than one judging by the somewhat burnt face.

As I started the long drive home, I celebrated with 2 Mars bars before stopping off at McDonalds for a large Big Mac Meal with a Latte.

A big thank you to all the chasers and fellow activators who made contact with me during this journey whether from your shack, mobile, portable or from another summit. Also a shout-out for all the content creators; those who maintain a website containing activation reports including parking locations, routes and other important info, or those with a YouTube channel which has been extremely helpful when I started with SOTA.

Finally, a special thank you to Allan GW4VPX. Your guidance, experience and sharing your knowledge of operating portable for SOTA (in Wales) has helped me and no doubt countless other SOTA activators tremendously.

Till the next time,
73, Robert


Hello Robert, a fantastic report, many thx, a great read and thanks for putting in your equipment list as well.

Geoff vk3sq

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Wow! What a tour de force. I’ve only had chance to scroll thorough the pictures (did the sun really shine nearly all the way through?? - perhaps it explains your suntan!!) but I shall enjoy a more leisurely look after breakfast! You have beaten me as I’ve long since finished G and did have oonly Tryfan to do … and then they re-surveyed in the Rhinogs and came up with Rhinog Fach to add to the list. Unfortunately, since then I have had fitness probelms so they are still on the list and I think I’ll never get up Tryfan again now (mainly vertigo problems) but I would like a crack at the Rhinogs.
I notice that you said that the key to getting the whole of GW done was the ascent of Upper Park early this year. It was good to be part of that band and I ienjoyed our chats on the way up - until I could not justify holding you up any longer and let you streak ahead. I remember my surprise to find that people were speaking to you as we ambled backk down, when you had rushed off and ticked off another summit from the list! I’m not sure whether that was the incentive to disappear quickly or to avoid the group photo at the end!
Fantastic that you achieved your ambition and so quickly and I hope you have found other goals to strive for and will be up and out almost as often next year. I look foward to the next s2s!!
73 Viki M6BWA


A great achievement Robert and many thanks for the report. :slight_smile:


Great report Robert, and a fantastic achievement to activate all G and GW.

So what’s next…?


Brilliant Robert! Thats some effort.



Amazing effort Robert! Well done!
Onwards and upwards.



Great report Robert and what an achievement! Good luck with your GM activations :wink:



Great report and photos Robert … congrats on your activations achievement. Thank you for the kind words. Looking forward to many more contacts with you in 2024…HNY when it arrives.

73 Allan


I really enjoyed reading your report Robert @M0RWX , congratulations on your achievement and all the best for 2024.

Phil G4OBK


Great to see a report from you on here, and what a report! You also have an excellent eye for photography! Thanks for taking us on the journey of your last activations before completing all of G & GW. A superb achievement in such a short period of time! :clap::clap::clap:

Wishing you and yours all the best for 2024, and hope to have many QSOs throughout the year!

73, Matthew

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Congratulations Robert. Very Well Done. A Great Achievement. And in such a short time. Many thanks for the Report and Photographs. Always a pleasure to speak with you. Best wishes for the future. Happy New Year. 73 de Paul M0CQE.

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Congratulations Robert on activating all G and all GW SOTA summits.

Jimmy M0HGY


Congratulations on competing all of G and GW. Excellent report and photographs.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA


Thank you for the report, I found the report very interesting and it represents a considerable achievement, and some motivation to get out more in 24!

Q) Out of all those hills did you have a top one or five? (It might have been the weather, the band conditions, the path or the views…? 73 and good luck with Scotland! (If that is your next destination). Paul


Many thanks for the super report Robert. Many Congratulations on the excellent achievement in such short a timespan and a hearty welcome to the G+GW Club. As Fraser has suggested, GM awaits. Maybe see you up there sometime. :grinning:

73, Gerald


Hi Robert
Absolutely awesome!
Congratulations on a fantastic achievement and a great inspirational and motivational account of your adventures.

Good luck for 2024


Thanks for the nice comment Geoff.
All the best for 2024.

Robert, M0RWX


Thanks for the nice comments Viki and thanks for all the S2Ss along the way!

I think it’s the modern phone cameras these days; they accentuate the sky. If the sky wasn’t blue in any of the pictures, assume it rained, was misty or both…

Tryfan wasn’t my favourite, but I took my time, step-by-step. Hopefully your fitness improves allowing you to activate it one day. I think Gerald @MW0WML who has been up Tryfan countless of times previously offered to accompany a small group. Fingers crossed!

Likewise Viki; we arrived at the summit in no time :grinning:
Looking forward to the next S2S.

73, Robert

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Thanks John!
73, Robert

Thanks for the comment and all the S2S contacts along the way.
73, Robert

Thanks Roger!
73, Robert

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