Alive and kicking

Dear Guru,
I’m glad to hear that you are getting stronger and stronger.
However, be patient with the recovery time since you had a big surgery.
Wishing you the best for your final treatment.
My thoughts and prayer are with you.
73 Attila

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Just receiving my last chemo now.

The end of the tunnel is getting closer.


Best wishes Guru!

Adrian G4AZS

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Dear Guru, good luck, strength and victory to you!
Vlad RX9WT

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All the best wishes to you!

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Hi Guru, best wishes to you. 73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Keep up the good work, Guru. Well done on resisting the problem and combating it so well.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Dear Guru, I wish you strength, good luck and best wishes!

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Be well, my friend. I’m happy to hear you finished treatment. Always a pleasure to hear you.

Paul CT7/K9PM

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All the best, and hope to meet you on the bands soon.

73 Jens HB9EKO

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Hi Guru

Best wishes and perseverance also from my side – and I have seen on the picture that your SOTA region has also its own pillowslips: “Servicio Navarro” = EA2/NV! So you have the SOTA summits also in your room, hi.

Best 73, Markus, HB9DIZ

Thanks Markus and all,
Yes, Navarra (the ancient kingdom of) is one of the Autonomous Comunities in Spain having its own Health care system. It’s called in Spanish/Basque as follows:
Servicio Navarro de Salud / Osasunbidea.
Bidea means “the way”
Osasun mean “Health”
Osasunbidea=The Health way.
SOTA is a good Osasunbidea, isn’t it?


Yes, this is very comprehensible, like summits names in GW or GM.

Enjoy the days the way it is possible!

73, DIZ

Hi Guru,

There is the football club Osasuna as far as I know, one famous player from our country played there in 1990ys …

Coming back to SOTA: thank you for chasing me today on SP/BZ-060

73, Jarek

Hi Jarek,
Yes, Osasuna is the name of Pamplona’s main footbal team .I remember very well Jan Urban, from Poland, who played with great success in our team.
Osasuna is a Basque name and it means “The Health”, as it’s a sports club and sports are healthy!
There was also an English player called Michael Robinson who came to play football at Osasuna footbal club. Later he moved to Atletico de Madrid, if I recall correctly. After retiring as an active football player, he became a communication star and spent the rest of his life as a TV star always commenting football games in TV and having his own TV programs always around football.
I’m not a fan of football but I really liked this very carismatic English gentleman.
Unfortunately he passed away a few days ago after having had a long and tough battle against cancer. R.I.P. Michael Robinson.



Dear all,

It was September of 2018 when I started feeling the first health problems making me suspect that something was going wrong. It took some time to find out, mainly due to an initial wrong diagnostic, and it wasn’t until May 2019 when the right diagnostic was made: a big cancerous tumour had been growing and was nearly blocking all the internal diameter of my rectum.


  • an initial ileostomy operation in June 2019,
  • some chemo treatments in July and August 2019,
  • radiotherapy+chemo in October and November 2019,
  • an operation in January 2020 to finally removed the tumour from my body and
  • a final chemo treatments in May and June 2020,

I had a scanner (TAC) this last Monday and the results are good, very good. Not a single trace of cancer disease or metastasis was found anywhere, so I can finally say that it looks like I finally won this battle and my cancer is fully and finally defeated.

There’s only one last operation still pending to reverse my ileostomy so I’ll get rid of the plastic bag I’ve had attached to my belly since last June 2019. However, this is a minor intervention made by laparoscopy and it shouldn’t give problems. I still don’t have a date for this operation.

I want to publicly express my big gratitude to the many good SOTA friends who have been sending me their sincere good wishes, charming comments, warmth and great support all over this long time. I assure you it’s been of very, very great help to me and I have no words to express my immense gratitude and true friendship feeling I have developped towards you all over this time. You have worked as a great support, the one I’ve never found in my xyl along this time, who soon after my cancer was diagnosed told me she would divorce as soon as I had overcome my illness. This has fortunately happened, my cancer is overcome and my xyl is now pushing hard to get the divorce done ASAP. We are now working on trying to reach a “friendly agreement”. I hope this will get sorted out soon and I’ll keep enjoying SOTA for a very, very long time. In my new life as a divorced man, without an xyl hating all of my mountain and radio hobbies, I hope I’ll have the chance to go to see you all and do some SOTA together in your own different associations.
Thank you!!!

Guru - EA2IF


Hi Guru,
Wow, a double barrel. Big cancer op and a divorce as you recover. I’m sorry to hear that. I have survived a similar cancer problem but my wife was most supportive. I had the objective of recovering enough post operation for us to return to where we spent out honeymoon 50 years before and to do a SOTA activaton there. Mission accomplished.

I think there is light at the end of the tunnel which is close for you and a whole new vista beyond. One day maybe enough sunspots for a S2S between us?

Good luck


Before this thread reaches the post #100 and gets automatically closed by the system, let me give the SOTA numbers which have greatly contributed to give me the pleasure, joy and happiness that surely played an essential role in the whole successful outcome of my battle against cancer.

Since September 2018 to date:

  • 64 SOTA activations: 5 in 2018, 39 in 2019 and 20 up to date in 2020.
  • 17798 SOTA chasers points gathered in many, many (uncountable) SOTA chases: 1928 in 2018, 10234 in 2019 and 5636 up to date in 2020.

Thank you chasers and activators for all these SOTA QSOs.



TNX champion

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