Alive and kicking

Dear all:
Here I am, alive and kicking. I’m feeling very well so far, with no pain at all. Legal drugs are great!.. :joy::joy:
They started the operation by 9h30 (8h30z), after they put an intervertebral feed lined to provide epidural anesthesia and the drugs against pain I’m having now. The operation ended at 13h (12h utc).
Everything went very well thanks, no doubts, to the positive energy you’ve been sending me and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart :kissing_heart:


Hi Guru,
very glad to see it went all right. Keep calm while in the hospital and soon you’ll be back on air.

Promise to be soon on a joint activation with you to celebrate it.
VY 73 de Ignacio

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Very good news Guru !!
I’m glad. Now he has to recover soon.
I would like to be in that joint operation as announced by Ignacion @EA2BD.
What a shame to be so far away…
Strength !!!

73 de Dani EA5M (ex EA5FV)


Good News!

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This is the best news that I can recieved!


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Dear Guru

I wish you all the best for your recovery☺️
Take care,
73 Sabrina

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Glad to hear that it went well, Guru - as they say, “you can’t keep a good man down!”


Glad to hear things went well Guru! I hope you heal fast my friend.

73, Brad

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All the best for your recovery Guru.

Vy 73,


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Or the heart of your bottom Guru? :wink:

Seriously - delighted to hear it and hope you make a speedy recovery.


Wishing you a quick and complete recovery Guru

73 de Paul G4MD

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Glad to hear it has gone well. Alive and kicking is good - I wish u a speedy recovery Guru.
You did not sneak in the FT817 and and an end fed,…did you?

VY 73 Angel

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No, but I confess I thought about bringing my remote station control to do some CW chasing…
Problem is my wife would kill me :smile:
I expect about 1 week at the hospital before going home and I’ll be missing SOTA chasing.
But I’ll be a good patient.



Absolutely brilliant Guru. Excellent news indeed! My very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Vy 73, Gerald.

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I am pleased to hear that the operation went well Guru, I hope you manage to make a good recovery and you are back out activating SOTA summits soon.

Jimmy M0HGY


Have a good recovery, Guru! Hope to hear you on the bands soon!

73, Sylvia

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Happy to read this here, your will is exemplary – Great news, Guru!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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Really glad to hear all went well Guru.

Don’t forget what I said - don’t try to rush the recovery - let your body heal at its own rate. The mountains will still be there when you are ready to climb them again and the activators ready for your chaser calls.

73 Ed.

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All the best Guru, look forward to working you again soon.


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Very happy for you Guru! I wish you a speedy recovery of health.
Activations are waiting!