AE1JS and AE1MS New MG

Congratulations to the husband and wife team of Jean and Mark who today became the latest Mountain Goats in NA! We hope to catch you both on future summits on the way to MGx2!
73, Walt


Congratulations Mark and Jean! Always great to work you. Glad I made it in your MG logs. Baaah
73 Gary

Congratulations Mark and Jean on both achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats Mark and Jean!! Y’all are amazing!!

Congratulations to Jean and Mark, and welcome to the herd! Baaaaah! Looking forward to more activations, chases, and S2S with you.

Scott WB8ICQ

Congrats to y’all! Baaaa! Baaaa!

It was good to S2S with y’all today. I’m happy to be in y’all’s MG logs. I hope to meet y’all soon.

Andy, N4LAG

Congratulations Mark and Jean and Jean glad i could make it into your log

Congratulations on the achievement!

73 de Jonathan

Congrats to both of you, and the unique spin to your joint achievement.

73 Paula k9ir

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Congratulations Mark and Jean! Achieving Mountain Goat is awesome, doing as a OM/XYL team is even more awesome!
Keith KR7RK

Congrats Mark and Jean. It was really nice to have the S2S with you both today.


Congratulations! Bob AC1Z

Congrats Mark and Jean on making Mountain Goat. It’s a good challenge for sure. We should make MG in June from a summit in South Dakota and are looking forward to that goal.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats to the both of you and welcome to the herd! Great to work y’all S2S for the occasion. I hope the other stinky old goats on Black Balsam Knob (@K2JB @NY4G ) didn’t try to butt heads with you! :goat: :goat:

I truly appreciate that y’all activate the rare and obscure and summits in our area, giving many of us the chance for SOTA completes.

73, pat - ki4svm

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OOPS! I’m just learning how to use this reflector! I meant to post this reply to you, Pat: Thank you so much, Pat! We ended up activating some of the more obscure summits because we are attempting not to repeat a summit as long as we can! It’s a blast to be doing something new every time! So far we have activated 129 unique summits, and we have barely scratched the surface! SOTA is so much fun! (Well, there are a few that weren’t exactly fun … I’m looking at YOU, Shepherd Bald!)

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Thank you, Gary! Mark and I look forward to trying to work you two on your MG summit! We love talking to the two of you, and we hope to meet you some day!

Congratulations to you both!
73, Mike K6STR

Thanks, Bob, for chasing us so much! Love it when we get to do a S2S with you!

Thank you, Walt! We appreciate you so much! Without chasers, no one can make it to Mountain Goat!

We are very happy to have you in our MG log, Gary! You’ve been such a regular chaser, we feel like we know you, even though we’ve never met. We hope to meet you in person one day!