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AE1JS and AE1MS New MG

It’s quite an accomplishment, Mark and Jean. Thanks for the S2S on your MG Summit!
Scott kw4jm

CONGRATS Jean and Mark!

Ken and Kay, KE7BGM

Thank you so much, Jimmy! It’s quite an honor to receive congratulations from such an accomplished SOTA operator from the SOTA “motherland”!!

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Mike, it was a pleasure talking to you on almost every summit we did on our TN run! Thank you so much for chasing us there, and in GA, too! We appreciate you so much!

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Ditto on looking forward to more activations, chases, and S2S with you, too, Scott! Thank you so much for the many chases! We could not have achieved MG without you and the other fine chasers out there!

Thank you to everyone for the great support and kind comments! Jean and I have thoroughly enjoyed SOTA, not only the hiking and radio operation combination, but the family-type of encouragement and help. We are looking forward to making more contacts along with hopefully meeting each of you some day.
Thank you and 73,
Mark/AE1MS and Jean/AE1JS

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Thank you for the S2S on our MG summit and for your encouraging words, Andy! We look forward to meeting you at the fall campout!

Thanks, Bob! You are a super-awesome chaser! It’s always great to hear from you!

Thanks, Paula! We enjoyed meeting you at the fall campout! We couldn’t make the spring one due to visitors coming, but we look forward to the next fall one. Hope to see you there!

Congratulations Mark and Jean

Thanks for the S2S, Scott! You helped make it an awesome day for us!

Congratulations Mark and Jean! :goat: :goat: What a great pair of goats you make! :grinning: 73 Karen

Thank you, Tom! It’s always great to make QSOs with you, and we hope to meet you some day.
Mark and Jean

Thank you, Karen! It’s always great to hear your callsign when we are activating; we hope to meet you some day!
Mark and Jean