Advice Antenne alpha-ez-military vertical


Is there someone using this antenna?

looks a bit to good to be true…

73 Karel ON4FI

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They claim 2:1 or better SWR on 80-10M without a tuner. I don’t believe in magical antennas.

73 Barry N1EU

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Hi Karel,
Although your link is to Wimo in Germany, this is actually an antenna from the company “Alpha Antennas” in the US. ( )

There are a few companies that have similar antennas, including a €99 (now €156) one from Spain that I am testing at the moment. ( Komunica Bazoka wideband mobile vertical | DD5LP / G8GLM / VK2JI blog ). They are all compromise antennas. They are NOT flat across the bands. The one you have found apparently as well as the vertical element, has a horizontal element as well AND a counterpoise wire. As it’s specs say, it’s both vertical and horizontally polarised!! It’s supposed to work as an NVIS and a DX antenna…

Here’s the trace of the antenna you are looking at from the manual (link on the same page you indicated).




Here’s the operational description:
The Alpha Multiband Antenna is designed to simultaneously provide high-angle radiation
(near vertical incidence – NVIS) and low-angle radiation (long-range and DX) propagation.
The targeted deployment variable includes the ability to launch your signal in the opposite
direction the NVIS element is run away from the base of the antenna. Based upon how the
tripod is tilted & NVIS element is deployed, this can provide directional propagation between
0 to 90 degrees above the horizon. While the NVIS element enhances short-range sky wave propagation, which varies from 0 to 300 miles, the Vertical element in tandem with the
NVIS element enables long-range & DX propagation for distances greater than 300 miles.
The Alpha Multiband Antenna may be used with tactical HF (high frequency) radios on the
frequency range of 3.5 to 29.7 MHz (54.0 MHz when mounted on the tripod options) with a
maximum RF power of 500 watts PEP SSB, 250 watts CW, or 100 watts digital.

For me, at €349 without the tripod or €389 with the tripod, it’s too expensive without knowing if it works as well as described.

I suggest you look to see if there’s an INDEPENDANT review in any US amateur magazine or on eHam before spending that level of money. review is at: Alpha Antenna FMJ Multiband, HF directional/vertical

73 Ed.

Hmm, this is interesting … The last set-up action is listed as:
Step 8 – Attach your coax from your tuner to the SO-239 on MTCH-2.1 (that’s the tripod).

This is supposed to be an antenna that doesn’t require a tuner …
Tuner Free & Directional
Alpha Multiband Antenna

larger screenshot of supposed SWR plot: (still very skeptical)

I started SOTA with 1. I found that a tuner is needed with it. I made contacts but for the weight, set up time etc I ended going with the good old fashion inverted V. 1 cool thing I have done a few times with it was use the jaw clamp mount and just clamp it onto a handrail some place and start making contacts.


The other day I stumbled upon the inside of an Alpha match on the internet, not v2 though. Took some minutes to find it again.

Presumed v2 follows the same principle, absolutely no mystery only a lossy toroid wideband 1:anything match.


It’s a 5:1 unun.

Thanks Pom all clear now

73 Karel

I would actually be surprised if that “mystery antenna” performs any better than my base-loaded SOTA construction with a 3d-printed coil and holder:

It costs like 10 USD and weighs maybe 150g. Add the weight of a 6m Lambdahalbe mast (maybe 600g), and you have the same performance and speed of set-up on minimal space for a fraction of the price and weight.

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Hi Karel,
I have now added an “NVIS wire” to my Komunica Bazoka Pro (, tripod mounted antenna and put it on the analyser on 40m. The extra wire, as you would expect, affects the trace a little, but it actually flattens it out to a lower SWR, so no issues with matching the rig/amp.
Here are some pics:
Standard Bazoka - no additional wire:

NVIS wire added to convenient mounting point on top of the antennas UNUN:

Of course an SWR trace is only part of the story - the real test will be when I get it out in the field (possibly on a summit next Monday). The weather at the moment is not conducive to extra tests!!

It’ll be interesting to see whether the closer stations are stronger and workable with the “NVIS wire” on as opposed to without it. I’m not expecting much DX, but who knows …

The Bazoka Pro is very nicely built antenna, so if this does work, we’ll be comparing a European (Spanish) built antenna at €156 plus a couple of lengths of wire and a photo tripod (say €50 for the tripod and SO239 socket and cable) against a US made but sold in Europe antenna at €350 (or €390 with the tripod). (The alpha antenna is cheaper if you buy it in the states).

Time will tell as they say …

73 Ed.

Update: Got out today and tested the wideband mobile HF whip with and without the “NVIS” wire added and the results were interesting (in a positive way). I’ve written it up at the bottom of the Bazoka page on my website, here:

Update2: I used this configuration on my activation of Ebersberg DM/BM-286 yesterday (22/1/18) - report here: DD5LP/P – January 22nd. 2018 DM/BM-286 Ebersberg. | DD5LP / G8GLM / VK2JI blog

Hello Karel
I have one but early model from 2015
Not frankly useable on 80 but from 40 with tuner and from 20 without although swr was around 2.2
From 17 till 10 pretty flat 1.7 and below.
working of course but depends conditions.
For SOTA quite good although never used in real condition (usually endfed on fishing pole)
I used it on top of my car on the hill and on balcony on 11 storey with good results first contacts on digital with VK and JA
All Europe on SSB
Heard Namibia 59 on SSB… on 12m but did not break up the pileup
Well that was 2 years before and conditions went down since.

Compromise antenna of course and compared in the past by someone with Chameleon (look YouTube)

Mine without tripod and without NVIS element but very portable and not requiring pole can clamp to anything but higher is better

73 Thomas F4HPX / AG7JQ

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I saw that video and chameleon is doing similar product and I similar way but overall quality much better.

Is it worth the price ? Don’t know.
But for sure any kind of magic boxes are pure marketing and selling argument.
Apart nice packaging and machining stuff than you can’t do alone without tools
there is nothing really you can’t do yourself.
And experimenting with antennas is much easier than building transceiver from scratch or from kit.
Still fun and happier building one than spending lot for “commercial” antenna.
73 Thomas


Sounds more like a dummy load than a real-world antenna :-s

This! This a million times!


To get these results it’s not always a dummy load or a “magic antenna” Paul - an 80m Off centre fed dipole will give a low SWR across several bands and of course a linked dipole will give a low SWR on every band it’s built to cover. Barry said he was skeptical about the Alpha antenna by the way.

I wonder what is worse, an antenna that gives a flat SWR trace across several bands but only really works well on one or two or a random wire length that needs to be matched to the rig with an ATU before it will work on any band.
When there’s the option give me a resonant antenna every time.

73 Ed.

I have the Chameleon Hybrid Micro which contains a 5:1 balun. With the 60 foot radiator set up as NVIS , I make contacts out to 500-1000km on 40m no problem. I even made a summit to summit contact for SOTA on 40m. I couple this with a tuner. I will report on using this with a AT-271 whip from 6Y5.

I doubt this is a SOTA friendly antenna as dipoles or verticals would be preferred minimize losses.

Look at their website and download their MPAS booklet for config ideas

The Chameleon is made proper and is not garage made