Add Summit, how does it work?

I will spend 2 weeks in the area of ​​Aalesund in Norway from 18 July. Activations of 4 summit are planned. LA/MR152-154. Unfortunately I have to go there and back 4 hours by car and ferry.

Much closer is the small island Remoya with the Summit Vardane at 191m. I think the Summit is consistent with regulatory. Is it possible to add the Summit in the short term?
73 Chris

There are still a great number of regions in LA where the summits have not yet been evaluated or listed. If you want to draw attention to a summit that meets the criteria you need to contact the Association Manager, who would prepare an update with the necessary data. However, this is not done within a few days……

73, Sylvia

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I know the Association Manager for LA Aage @LA1ENA and have met him a few times. He is a nice guy and I am sure he will be very helpful and finding more hills in LA there are P150 and list them as SOTA summits.

Jimmy M0HGY

Hi Sylvia

Had seen some time ago in the FL/VO region how such an update can be done quickly – had recognized two new summits there. The nastier part in my opinion is the update of the written association manual, an online version based on the database would be great! :yum:

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Thanks for the many hints. I will write to the Aage. Maybe I am lucky.
73 Chris

In general, to reduce our workload, we accept one update a year per association. The VO update was a small update to a largely complete association. I think LA has a much larger update required such that doing it in dribs and drabs would take a long time at one update a year.


Now I understand the problem.
In the meantime I have entered the summit as GMA Reference LB/MR-009 by the helpful hint of Martin, DF3MC. He also added some references to my holiday island Gurskoy, thank you very much.

73, Chris


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Just to be clear, this question is answered in the General Rules, rule 3.6.1, and is also covered in the FAQs which can be accessed in Sotawatch 3 by clicking on the SOTA links box. More information about how the MT finds and verifies summits can be found in the MT Blog, accessed by clicking on the SOTA Links box and then clicking on SOTA Home.