Activator baptism of EA2LU/P

Hi SOTA mates!

During July I did a number of activation, some in my area, some other far from home, taking the chance of my summer holidays.

If I had to highlight one of them I’d take the joint activation with EA2BSB op. Santi and EA2LU op. Jorge done today, July the 28th. Why? Because this was the baptism as an activator of Jorge EA2LU, and there is something special when you see how the hook of activating SOTA bits on a close friend.

Jorge is a very experienced ham who was deeply involved in the past on VHF contesting and pioneered on EME mode here in EA2, together with some friends. He is very keen on CW, can be heard on major HF contests and you probably have been chased by him lately.
Every now and then I proposed him doing a joint activation but his duties were strong and we coudn’t find a chance. This week I was planning a joint activation with my friend EA2BSB and I proposed him to join; to my surprise, this time he accepted.

The activation took place in Harriaundi mountain EA2/NV-108. It’s an easy starter mountain that has the beauty of a nice path, a beech forest and the remaining blocks of an ancient chapel in the summit.
The three of us put up a station and to my delight, Jorge did his activation straight forward. Well done!!

I used my MTR pulling 3 watt into an emergency random wire (sorry my poor signals today…), and Santi used his 817 plugged to the Buddistick.
We enjoyed the activation, and special credit goes to some of our friends who were waiting for Jorge to greet him and join through the waves to welcome him as an activator.

All in all a brilliant day. I’m quite happy all went fine and I’m sure it’s not the last time Jorge will share a summit with us. That’s good news!
I add here below a note that Jorge has also written for us. Downwards you can see pictures of the day.

Take care and hear you soon from another summit. VY 73 de EA2BD (and a steady growing number of activators in my region… :wink: )

EA2/NV-108 my first “activator” SOTA experience.
First of all I have to express my thanks to Ignacio EA2BD and Santi EA2BSB for his great encouragement and help to make this operation possible.

Hiking today wasn´t hard with good weather and excellent views of the mountains around when we reached the summit. In my backpack I only brought my FT-817, CW paddle, log pad with paddle support and small pole for the antenna. The rest of the setup was from Ignacio EA2BD, like the EFHW antenna, LiPo battery, cables etc…

10 M was open, then I started there, and my very first QSO as activator was a S2S with Jan OK2PDT/P. I was very happy to give Jan one summit, after the lot he gave me as a chaser.
The other great moment was the first “EA” QSO that was with Guru EA2IF/P also a “S2S” from his holiday QTH in the west corner of Spain close the Atlantic sea.

I ended with 19 Qs, but with the great feeling of the radio noise free, surrounded with nature and great ham radio companions.
Ignacio and Santi: you can be happy because both of you have inoculated me the “S2S” virus. I will repeat in the future, but after I improve my own setup.

Thanks very much to all who called giving me a happy morning.
73 and see you on the next summit. Jorge EA2LU

EA2LU’s setup

EA2BSB’s setup

EA2BD’s setup. Note the Rioja wine ready for the final celebration party… :wine_glass:

Antenna farm

All done. Ready to leave.


Great pics - an activation to remember for sure! Glad you could fit in the time Ignacio and I am glad I was at home today to get some QSOs with your group.

I’m familar with the callsign of George EA2LU from 160m QSOs in contests / DX working some years ago before SOTA came into our lives and in 2014 and 2015 when he has been chasing me on my activations, so it was good to bag a 10m QSO today and get a few points back from Jorge to cover the ones I have given him in the 10m/6m Challenge of late! The band was in good shape for us today… but I cannot see anyone (least not me) catching George as top Chaser scorer in the Challenge now as he has well over 10000 points!

All the best to your group Ignacio, Jorge and Santi and thanks to you for the 20m QSO on NV-108 also today.

Phil G4OBK

Looks and sounds great. Loving the antenna farm.
And the wine!

Surely a nice bottle of Navarra wine would be more appropriate! :wine_glass:

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True, but it’s also true that the Rioja wine may also be from Navarra, as the Rioja wine original nomination region includes territories in the provinces of Navarra, Alava/Araba (Spanish Basque Country) and mainly in La Rioja.
Best 73 de Guru

Yes, Navarra has very good wines, but my parents come from La Rioja and therefore I share my heart (and my taste) with this land…

I have uploaded a video recorded there, so that you can get the spirit of this activation.
Hope you enjoy it!
Cheers 73. Ignacio

Zorionak, Jorge!

Hi Jorge, Welcome to "SOTA FEVER"
Gerald F6HBI

Welcome, dear friend Jorge, to the activator side of SOTA. Thanks to Ignacio and Santi for their always kind help and support. They innoculated the SOTA fever on me back in 2013 and it looks like they have done it again with Jorge (EA2LU).
I’m currently on holidays at the Spain’s West coast and as soon as I learnt about Jorge’s 1st SOTA activation, I prepared my activation of a nearby Summit: Monte de Ancos - EA1/CR-042 with the idea of a S2S contact with my friends in Navarra.
I arrived to the summit with my dog Lucho and I quickly set up.

I tuned on 40m and a couple of good friends from EA4 made it to the log.
Then Jorge arrived to the band and we completed S2S QSO with great joy.
I wasn’t having neither much band noise nor too strong signals on 40m so I had the feel that something was going wrong with my mobile GP antenna and I decided to QSY to see how the other monoband mobile antennas I carried with me would work on other bands.
I moved to 20m CW, where I logged 24 QSOs in 19 minutes, one of which was a S2S with OK2PDT/P at OK/JM-062.
Then to SSB, where I logged 7 QSOs in 5 minutes.
With no more callers on 20m SSB, I QSYed to 10m SSB, where I logged 12 QSOs in 16 minutes, one of which was a S2S QSO with DL/HB9BIN/P at DL/CG-014.

When no more callers were coming in, I saw on Sotawatch an activation on 20m CW, so I QSYed and managed to complete QSO with OH2NOS/P at OH/JS-033.
This was the last QSO of this nice activation and this was the great view from a near balcony called “mirador of Monte de Ancos”.

Special thaks to Jorge, but also to Jan and Juerg for your S2S QSOs and to all chasers for your calls and QSOs.

Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Many congratulations to Jorge! I had no idea that Jorge had not previously activated a summit. It only takes one activation to be bitten by the bug and I hope to catch Jorge on one of his activations sometime in the near future. It’s been a great pleasure to hear the EA2LU callsign coming into my earbuds from many summits here in Southern California the past few years and I sure hope the opportunity comes for me to have Jorge hear my callsign in his earbuds whilst he is atop a summit. Congrats Jorge! FB, well done…

73, Dan NA6MG