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Activation report 2022-01-02 (DM/BW-041 und -046)

With the turn of the year, the counter had been reset and as the weather was fairly warm, I planned to activate two easy summits nearby.
The first destination was Wandbühl (DM/BW-041), which I reached after a 45-minute drive. The contrast compared to January last year could not have been more significant. Back then, there was half a metre of snow and it was a struggle to make my way to the summit. Now the temperature was around 10°C and no trace of snow.

Chapel near the car park at the road between Deilingen and Tanneck.

The climb took about 20 minutes and the set-up (in the lee of a ridge) was quickly done. Because the pile-ups had reached crazy levels lately, especially on 40 metres, I planned to activate the bands in the order 20 - 30 - 40 metres. This way, I hoped, the chasers would be more evenly distributed among the bands.
The start on 20 metres CW was impressive: 23 QSOs in 18 minutes. That is considerably more than usual. Surprisingly, however, after QSY on 30 metres not a single station came back to my CQ, although I called for ten minutes.
In the meantime, some activators had appeared on the bands and so I took the opportunity for some S2S QSOs. Here, the biggest challenge is to make your QSO before other chasers notice. Otherwise, you may have to wait a long time for your QSO when operating QRP.
Finally, time was pressing for activation on 40 metres CW. Here an enormous pile-up formed within minutes, but the discipline was - unlike recently - excellent. It was possible to maintain a constant rhythm and more than 30 QSOs entered the log smoothly.

Half an hour late - compared to my plan - I started the walk back to the car park and the journey to Plettenberg (DM/BW-046). From the car park there, a paved track leads through the forest, taking the hiker to the summit plateau in 15 minutes. As the wind had picked up considerably, I set up the station somewhat sheltered behind tall fir trees.

Equipment: KX3, 10 Watts, EFHW as inverted-L with QRP L-Tuner, 6m squid pole.

After a sked on 40 metres SSB I took the chance to stay on frequency and was kindly spotted there by the OM. A brief but intense pile-up followed, which was terminated by a powerful station that started calling CQ right on top of my frequency. Nevertheless, more than 20 QSOs had entered the log in this short period and so I called it a day.
The activation continued on 20 metres CW (25 QSOs), 30 metres CW (3 QSOs - again unusually few!) and 40 metres CW (26 QSOs). The discipline in the pile-ups was very good and everything went smoothly for the most part. A really nice experience :slight_smile:

Eventually it got cold and I started the tear down. Unlike the ascent, I chose to walk along the rim of the quarry. There are beautiful views on the way. At the end, a short but very steep descent back to the car park is waiting.

View to the West with the city of Rottweil (almost invisible) in the distance.

It was a great day with lots of QSOs and New Year greetings from good friends.
The SOTA year can’t start any better :slight_smile:
73, hny, Roman


Hello Roman @DL3TU

Thanks for the report and the photos and of course for the QSO :+1: You had a good day :mount_fuji: :beers: See you again soon.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Thank you for the 2 S2S (via ground wave :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) and a new complete

73 Armin


Hi Roman,

Thanks for the nice report, the fotos and most of all for the S2S QSO on 60m!

73 Heinz, OE5EEP


Thank you Roman for the report. Always a pleasure to read about other activator’s experiences. I hoped to read though that 30m would be more alive, especially because I recently got the QCX-mini 30. It is strange that only a few chasers came back to your call on this band. Usually 30m is also reliable, not so busy though than 40m.

Chris, DL1GKC

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Thanks for the write-up and photos Roman. I happened to have my radio on in the background and heard you call on 30m from 046 before the spot went out. Funny how you can hear ’ CQ SOTA’ in cw even from another room in the house :slight_smile: I did call you but a non-SOTA station then started CQing on top of you, but thankfully you moved down a little and I worked you on the second attempt :+1:

Strange the low activity that day on 30m, sorry I wan’t around to catch you on the first summit. Usually its a very reliable and pleasant band to operate on, one of my favourites. Look forward to working you Chris with your QCX-mini.

73, Jonathan


Wow, what a difference in weather between this year and last! Thanks for sharing!

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Hello Roman,

I call it a good start in the SOTA year: more than 100 QSO in one day. Hope for S2S with you.

73, Ludwig

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Hi Roman,

It was nice to see you again on S2S :wink:


View to South - onto very typical summit of OM/ZA-017:

73, Jarek


Wow, thanks a lot for all the nice comments!

@DM3FAM: you found me on 40m SSB before the pile-up arrived. I’m really glad you called in even though you had just returned from geocaching. Cu soon! :goat: :mountain: :beers:

@DL6GCA: My pleasure, Armin! We made quite a few S2S-QSOs on ground wave already :laughing: It seems to work very well between the Black Forest and Swabian Jura. Please keep it up :+1:

@OE5EEP: Thanks Heinz for the S2S-QSO. Signals were not too loud but 60m works well for the typical distance between our mountain ranges :slight_smile: Looking forward to the next one!

@DL1GKC: Chris, usually 30m isn’t that bad. Perhaps most chasers made their QSO on 20m and there was no need for them to chase me on 30m. Maybe I try 30 - 20 - 40 next time :wink:
Enjoy activating with the QCX-Mini on 30m :+1:

@G4IVV: Thanks Jonathan, for the QSO on 30m :slight_smile: I remember there was an issue with another station calling on top of me :angry: causing a dent of five QSO-less minutes in my log.
You were the first contact after I moved slightly down in frequency. It’s always a pleasure to QSO!

@MW7SRA: Sara, this is what the place looked last year in January :wink:

@DH8WN: Ludwig, it’s amazing how many people are interested in SOTA these days! A few years ago 100 QSOs in one day were incredible. Now you just need to have enough time to log all QSOs.
Looking forward to our first S2S :mountain: :wave:

@SP9MA: Thanks for the S2S-QSO and the beautiful photos, Jarek! What a beautiful location you have been operating from!
I’m glad you called in on 40 CW :+1: I knew you were out there but missed you somehow.
Looking forward to many more S2S during the year :mountain::goat:

73 everyone,