Activation of W4V/LX-018

I went and scored a 1st time activation on W4V/LX-018 . I was on the air for almost 2 hours and got 32 QSOs with 6 S2S mostly HF and 3 of the QSOs were on 2M FM. I used my Lab599 TX500 with an EFHW that VE6VID made for me. For 2M I used my FT60R and Arrow II.

It took almost an hour and half of roughly 1.2 mile and 1000’ of gain. I used my hiking Exercise function on my Apple Watch, I have the GPX data and want to upload it to SOTA maps but it seems it’s not that simple. I can view the track in Google earth but it won’t load anywhere else. Has anyone else used the Apple Watch and successfully put the data on SOTA maps?


Another option: you could always process your SOTA CSV file (exported from SOTA database) using the ADIF Processor and load the resulting KML into Google Earth - you can then view the QSOs and your track simultaneously.

Cheers, Mark

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Oh no I’m confused … I meant I’m trying to use the gpx file so that other people can see the hiking data upto the summit.

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Not sure about SOTA mapping, I suspect you can do it, or maybe is worth a look?

If you want that GPX data to be associated with the summit in the SOTA summits info then I understand that would be your best route.

Regards, Mark.


Send the GPX file to and I’ll try find some time to take a look at it.

Will send that over in a few minutes

I had time today to get the video together it’s about half hike and half radio.


Congrats on the first activation, Beau! Brushy Mtn has been on my to do list for many years, but it is far outside of my normal area of operation and I don’t get up that way often. I think that we will find an uptick in the activation count now that you broken the ice. If I was a gambling man, I would be willing to bet that a number of people that you logged will be on Brushy Mtn during the W4 Spring Campout and you will have plenty of chances for a complete. :rofl: Thanks for the video!

What is most important to me (selfishly) is that I was able to chase you and that puts this summit into the ‘Future Complete’ column for me. That is a win-win in my book and much better than being the first activator and having to wait years on a chance for a complete! :joy: I drove 2.5 hrs roundtrip twice in one day last week attempting to chase summits for completes in between work meetings!!! I was only successful with one, but it was 7 years in the making so I was quite happy. I didn’t leave it to chance on that one and made sure I had LOS on Wolf Knob…

73, pat - ki4svm


Pat thank you so much.

As for this, I hope so. I’m still trying to figure out some stuff and maybe just maybe get over to meet y’all for this event.


Martha and I both watched your video and enjoyed seeing the summit hike on a big screen TV. Almost like hiking the trail yourself without the exertion…hi, hi. It’s always fun and interesting to hear my call on the other end of a contact. It lets me know what my signal sounds like.

I’d love to hike that summit but I’m not able to handle a steep trail like that these days so I’ll stick to the easier trails and such. Thanks for the video and contacts. Looking forward to the next summit I catch you on. Hope you made it back in time for the wedding.
Gary A. - W0MNA


Yes I did make it back with enough time to process my log, take a shower, and goto the wedding. Then you know day dream of the other summits I should have gone to instead of sitting there from 1600-2000 .

The short answer is the file is too big - there’s a hardcoded 1MB limit on SMP. I have however just updated that to 2MB as I don’t know what the rationale behind 1MB was, and I’m in the mood to test things out on a production environment. I was able to get past the point of failure now it’s been updated, but I’ll let you do the actual submission.


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Awesome, I will upload it next time I’m on the computer