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Activation of HB/VS-006 Matterhorn on September 9

Thanks to everybody for the many nice comments and likes! I am glad to see that so many of you enjoy the impressions from the other side of the QSO!
All the best!
73 de Martin, DK3IT

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Would I be right in assuming that you have mountaineering experience?

While you can never have too much experience and expertise for any given mountain adventure, I think I could claim this.

But from my point of view, it is not so much important how experienced one is, as compared to how well a mountaineer is able to assess his or her skills and current fitness in relation to the demands of a planned trip.

This summer, I lead a pitch in an 11-pitch alpine route. That pitch was said to be UIAA III+. But either we missed the optimal way or the route had changed; anyway, it was more like UIAA V- and almost trad style (maybe one bolt after 20m), so it is wise to have one or two grades of climbing and some nuts and friends as a reserve :sunglasses:. It was a very focussed climb of ca. 45m, truly challenging, but also a very intense moment of flow, entrusting yourself to your skills and abilities, to your understanding and your archaic powers.

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Hallo Martin

Congratulations and thanks for the excellent pictures.

Nick G4OOE

This thread has been on for 2 days and I hadn’t found it until now.
My most effusive congratulations, Martin!!!
The achievement is top class indeed.
The pictures are not only beautiful but also absolutely breath taking.
Your planned activation with a well prepared station was the key for your success. Very well done!
I so much wish I could do something like that some day… (I’m just dreaming or not…)
Thanks for the activation and the report.