Activation from a forest fire guard hut from 1904

On Saturday I had a first-time activation of Kvernesvola . The hut is open and accessible to everyone. When I get to such a great summit, the somewhat tiring 2 hour hike and much in marshy terrain, 5.5 km / 570 metres of altitude and with a 19 kg backpack was quickly forgotten.

A great place with very good views, which is not surprising when the purpose of placing the hut was to detect forest fires.

TX/RX was Icom IC-7000 with LiFePo4 battery

I used two antennas on this activation: “Old met new” when I hung up the SOTA beam antenna in the old telephone pole for the forest fire fire watch

A vertical antenna with elevated radials that I used at 15 and 20 metres (the pole in the middle of the roof is a lightning rod)

The activation went very well and there were a total of 25 QSOs on 15, 20 and 40m


Thats amazing! Thats so cool that its maintained and liveable.


Superb rainbow background! Very nice picture.