Accessible Summits

I have started a new thread so as not to distract from the original topic

Having spent the past 12 months or so chasing activators all over Europe - for which I thank you all - I am looking to extend my activity further needing a new challenge.

I managed to achieve my Shack Sloth status within the first year and, as it will be a very long time before the next milestone is achievable I certainly do not want to loose interest (unlikely) but possible.

While I have though that I would need to look at other modes - particularly DV and digimodes - sitting in my shack listening to intercontinental S2S contacts makes me realise that there could be other new adventures to be had, if getting onto summits was possible…

Jonathan has already highlighted that GW/NW-070 is very accessible but how many other summits are?

Has anyone actually compiled such a list already or is anyone in a position to help compile one?

I am aware that activators are bound by some rules (as are chasers), and have also seen it mentioned that there are some exceptions. Perhaps these are clearly stated somewhere but have yet to find them ???



Dave I wish you luck getting out and activating any summits you may be able to access. May I suggest you look at summits via the summit list and check the goggle map section with the satellite photo of the summit which could be a way for you to see if a road or track you could use does go to the top. Others who have been to summits may come forth with the information you seek as well. I am in vk5 land and we don’t have many roads to the top at all its mostly hiking here. wish you luck
Regards Ian vk5cz …

Hi Dave,
If you want a trip over here in North Yorkshire TW-004 is good for you, you can drive on to it and setup away from your car and then your good to go.

de G0VWP

Also G/TW-005 Normanby Top is a really easy “summit” in Lincolnshire Dave. Certainly do-able with G/TW-004 in the same day - you get to travel over the Humber Bridge between the two as well.

Both TW-004 & TW-005 are drive-up and then move away from the car far enough not to get any support from the car and operate summits.

73 Ed.

Hi Dave,

There are a few in the Welsh Borders.
Long Mynd Pole Bank G/WB-005:
Not a drive on, but the path to to top is both wide and relatively smooth (although from the shooting box car park it appears to have been cut into in places by running water) and not at all steep
View Edge G/WB-018:
Virtually a drive on, park in the (disused the last time I was there) gateway for the old quarry, walk a bit up the road, not very far.
Ruardean Hill G/WB-021:
Drive on again, just set up away from the car
Hegdon Hill G/WB-023:
Activate from the side of the road, instantly forgettable ‘summit’, try not to lock your car keys in the car :wink:

Feel free to get in touch if you fancy doing Long Mynd Pole Bank (or any other…) any time, I can carry your ‘stuff’ if you like, Just as long as its not too heavy :slight_smile: Or you can use mine…



Steve M0KPO used to maintain a list of accessible summits on the Burton-on-Trent radio club website. If it’s not there now I suspect it will be in the web archive somewhere.

Old thread here;

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I’ve checked and the BoT website appears to be extinct.

Another summit that might go well with a holiday is Snaefell, GD-001 which can be accessed by a tram into the AZ.


But the last version found by can be viewed:


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That page needs using with a lot of care, for example:

G/SE-005 Botley Hill

Refers to the old location of the summit, rather than the current one.

73, Colin G8TMV


it does say Last update 20th November 2007

But it could be a starting point. As per the OP, it may be very useful to have an up to date list.


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…but that summit’s activation area is so huge it encompasses both the old and new locations anyway. Oh, and even though it’s my nearest summit, it’s on the “been there, done that, not really worth going back to” list… :wink:

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G/SE-005 is still ok as both the carparks at TQ398 554 & TQ384 546 are in the AZ. The later being the better. The one by the roundabout is a bit dismal to say the least.


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Maybe someone would like to take the list, format it nicely, bring it up to date, add a credit to Bunny and his club and then send the file to the MT. We then may just find somewhere to plonk it and provide a link so that it can be found and used easily.

Or you could all huff and puff and generally achieve 2/3rds of 5/8ths of bugger all as is normal.

Just a thought…

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Well you can add G/SE-015 Cheriton Hill. (Could do that one from the Pub and combine three activities- eating drinking and radio!)


The huff and puff option is more fun. Plus it leaves the chance to resurrect the thread at regular intervals to disagree about definitions of “accessible” and its application in reference to summits.

Huff and puff is the SOTA way. Tried and tested.


To add to your lists of easy summits is my local one Kitt hill G/DC-003 down here in Cornwall if you find yourself down this way.

Its one of those nigh on drive up to the place and summit. And the views on a good day is lovely right into Plymouth sound and the Tamar river mouth etc.

But end of day if you can do it, go for it and enjoy, its great being out doors and away from the shack and noise levels tend to drop.

Be good to work you as a activator.


Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting this level of response and I thank everyone for your time and input.

I will try and respond to everyone as quickly as possible.

Having thought further about this, and as mentioned by someone below, what is accessible to one person does not mean that it will be accessible to another and something that needs bearing in mind IF a list is compiled.

The responses so far, have been very encouraging but I forgot one thing. Accessing a summit is one thing, activating it as a completely different story :wink:

Sitting in a warm comfortable shack, I have refined my setup to suit my particular needs - and more refinement is still required. Working portable will bring new challenges as I simply will not be able to operate in the same way. This I need to work on first as it is pointless getting on top of a summit and not being able to activate it and log everything correctly.

The solution to this particular problem is called the Cat and Fiddle car park where there are facilities, pies and beer which can be enjoyed while learning how to operate outside of the shack while also giving me access to a wide geographical area.

Naturally I will start with 2m/70cm as it is cheaper and more relaxed. While I am well experienced being on one side of a pileup, I am not sure what it will be like on the other side once I take the leap onto HF :slight_smile:

Obviously fitness and stamina need to be worked on as well as I have not been out and about for over 5 years now so it is likely to be sometime before I actually get onto a summit and that is something that I definitely want to do.

Thanks for all your responses.


…except that the pub has closed.

That is not good :frowning:

If I can still get on the car park I will have to take my own beer and pies then :wink:


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Yes that is a very good ideal - planning an activation is obviously very important