A tale from better days: two ham and a supervisor on Roccabella, HB/GR-269

After my post about Motta da Sett (HB/GR-275) I’ve got a message from Roby, IW2OBX. In the end we met in 2019 for a joint SOTA activation of Roccabella (HB/GR-269). We three (Rob with his SOTA dog Zac and I) started on 1950 m asl for a walk over 4 km (one way) and with an ascend of about 780 m.

Roby and Zag on the way up


The summit is wide and flat, enough place for 4 or 5 station. So we had no problem working at the same time, Rob on 2m and 30m and I on 2m, 20m and 40m.

near the Summit

Roby doing CW, supervised by Zac

Supervisor Zag out off duty

Ludwig doing SSB

The weather was perfect, nobody else on the summit and the conditions were OK, a nice activation.

view to Julier pass, 2284 m asl

1000 m over village Bivio

After more then two hours we started our way back.
Thanks to Roby and Sac for there companionship and hope to meet again some days on a joint activation or on the bands.

73 from Ludwig


Hi Ludwig,
it was the first time for me on Roccabella, a pleasent day shared with you.
I remember the great effort to reach six qsos on my log.
Thanks for the activation together and for your present, the cap for firework: a smart trick to fix the end of wire antenna on the top of telescopic pole.
I used it for all my successive activations.
I hope to meet you again for another activation.
de iw2obx

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