A SOTA Watch -> Telegram bot for your channel, and FOSS

Here in CT-land we have a Telegram group chat for the regular activators and chasers. It’s very often that we “self-spot” in this channel when we go and do activations. I wanted to cut out the hassle, and just have everybody’s spots in the channel automatically from SOTA Watch. At the same time, I wanted a small project to learn a new programming language (C# in this case), and so I came up with a program that controls telegram bots and makes them send spots as messages in Telegram groups.

The program is fully open source, under the Apache 2.0 license, and can be found here. It features an easy Docker-based deployment strategy so you can run your own if you want! It allows for you to get spots for activations in selected associations via a bot you can easily configure.

From tests today:

Hope it may serve you as it seems it will serve us!

P.S.: yes, I do know about this project, but it’s not the same!

Thank you, and good activities!
73, Rui, CT7ALW